February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 1, 2018

Garrett, Rocko, Mars, Marcus, Chase, Thumper, Jim, Kenneth, Michael May, Michael, Selene, Patrick, Zrai, Justin, Eric, Peter, Spuds, Tom, Gavin, Scotty, Steven, Josh, Frankie, Sterling, Tad, Travis, Angel


Old Business


Gear Night – It was a very crowded night. Jello shots were sold at gear night. We raised $179.00 for Mr. Phoenix Leather. It was Marcus and Kenneth’s anniversary.

Hospitality Suite at Southwest Leather – The Dance of Souls was Awesome! There were a lot of wonderful people at the event and it was nice to get some quieter social time. It was a fondue party with cheese and chocolate.

Thank you Zrai for all his help with the contest.

Discussion Night – Thank you Rocko and Mike. It was a lot of fun. Jeremy has already stolen the game Rocko made up for the discussion night.

The committee to revise the application met. It will be available in downloadable PDF by the March business meeting.

Please join the website!

There is a mentorship process to join the boys. We want there to be a connection between you and the group. We also want you to have someone to help guide you through the process of joining the boys. We do not have a series of tasks that must be checked off.

Vice President is in charge of guiding the new membership process. If you would like to join, or are looking at mentoring someone, please feel free to talk to Justin.


New Business

Discussion Night

Puppy Play - 7

Difference in Power Exchange Dynamics – 21 – Frankie and Eric - Will be in March

Watersports - 8

Chastity - 7

Diversity and Inclusion – 21 – Michael and Justin - Will be in February

DIY Kink - 6

Fetish Identity and Expression – 12

Play Piercings – 12

Fisting - 8

Gear Night – February 24th. Hot Wax demo. If you would like to do something with us, or if you would like to do something in addition, let Patrick know.

Kenneth – New Executive Director of SWLC. Kenneth would like to reach out to the gay male leather groups. He would like to invite everyone here to let him know what needs the conference is not meeting in the gay male community.

Mars will be presenting at TNG on February 4th at 3pm on Negotiations. If you are interested, please contact Mars for the address.

Pride Float committee is meeting on Sunday at 10 am at Mike Sanchez. They entry fee is already paid. They would like $50.00 for the float.

Motion to pay $50.00 and be part of the float. – Motion Passes

If everyone wants T-Shirts, Tank Tops or Sweatshirts talk to Michael.

Bootblacking at Anvil - Garrett is taking over the resident bootblack for Anvil. Garrett would like to use the boys logo once to advertise that PJ will be bootblacking at the Anvil.

We discussed the best way to make it work

Pups in the Park on Sunday 25th Steel Indian School Park

Matsuri festival is coming up on the 24th and 25th. We will probably be going on the 25th. There will be more information later on the website.

Renaissance festival starts on the 10th. We usually go as a group. We usually try to coordinate it with the gay days. We do not know when yet. We are going on February 17th. Brunch at the Dennys at Rural and the 60 around 8:30. There will be more notes and details on the website.