January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Patrick (Member), Mars (Member), Peter (Member), Justin (Member), Michael May (Member), Jim (Member), Rocky (Member), Bob (Member), Austin (Guest), Alan (Member), Marcus (Member), Kenneth (Kinsman), Eric (Kinsman), Mike (Guest), Miah (Member), Brien (Member), Steve (Member), James (Guest), Shannon (Member), Scotty (Guest), Shaggy (Member), Selene (Guest), Rocko (Member), Sterling (Guest), Kitty Cadence (Guest), Spuds (Guest), Steve (Guest)

16 Members total.

8 Members now needed to have quorum.


Old Business

Mr. Phoenix Leather – New title holder – Scotty – Kenneth thanked all the boys who helped, came out, etc. Sir Eric first runner up for the title. It was great to see old friends, new friends and to see some of our members who have moved away.

Gear Night – Season’s Beatings was fantastic! There were some hot scenes!

AML Christmas Party - Rocky wanted to thank everyone who attended.

New Year’s Party – It was a fantastic night.

Nasty Santa – It was a lot of fun. We raised four hundred something. About $429. Thank you Daddy Kenneth for donating the chair, and Rocko for helping Kenneth make the chair. It was great to ask Duane to be a friend of the boys. He’s been our Santa for many years now.

Pictures from Nasty Santa and Wax a Bear will be uploaded shortly.

Discussion Night – It was on PrEP. Rocko and Mike lead the discussion.

Ignite mixer – We presented the check from Wax a Bear to the Southwest Center.

Shanti group has not been presented with their check yet.



There is a proposal to change the way we vote. That we vote for one position at a time instead of all at once.

Peter proposes that we table this discussion until later in the year so that we can come to a decision on a day that is not the day of elections.

Motion Passes


President – Patrick

Vice President – Mars, Justin, Jim

Secretary – Mars, Zrai

Treasurer – Mars, Zrai, Marcus, Justin, Jim


President - Patrick

Vice President - Justin

Secretary - Mars

Treasurer - Jim


New Business

Hosting Hospitality Suite – Saturday 20th from 10 am and noon At the Four Point Sheridan. We have raised $75.00 for food.

Treasurer's Report - We have $225.25

We have two patches: one old design, one new design

Patrick would like to form some committees.

We need to design the colors for the Kinsmen. – Kenneth, Eric, Rocko, Michael May, Justin

We need to redesign the membership application form. – Shaggy, Justin, Marcus

Discussion Night – Do we want to move it to January 25th. Yes.

Would we like to finish the PrEP and safe sex discussion? Yes.

Gear night January 27th. This is also Kenneth and Marcus’s anniversary and they will be at gear night.

Selling Jello Shots – Justin, Spuds and Steve will sell. Shaggy maybe.

Pride Float - If anyone wants to help out ask Michael May. He is looking to form a committee.

Pride is April 7th and 8th this year.

Mike's Stepdown from Ms. Supreame Pride – Sunday 14th  is Mike’s stepdown at BS West at 7 pm. Kenneth will judge.

Garrett and Mike are doing a fundraiser through the imperial court to raise money for Eve’s Place.

They would like to know if there are at least three of the boys who are willing to sell jello shots and raffle tickets. January 26th starting at 9pm. They will need volunteers by next Thursday. They also need swag for gift baskets.

Eve’s place serves victims of domestic violence. They do not provide a place to stay. They have a fleet of vehicles going out and helping people.