November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017

November 02, 2017

Angel, Michael May, Marcus, Thumper, Rocko, Justin, Brien, Sir Eric, Mars, Peter, Austin, Patrick, Jim, Sam, Michael, Miah, Brandan, Andy, Brent, Spuds,


Old Business:

Gear Night: Halloween Gear night. We made some money. We raised $120 and sold really good jello shots. Everyone was dressed up in fabulous costumes.

Halloween Pool Party - It was fun.

Boy Run in Dallas – It was a great time, didn’t sleep a whole lot. Karaoke, zoo, bar crawl, pool party, demos and education. One of the discussions was on gender and identity, another was on ritual and protocol.

Discussion Night – Peter and Mars lead it. We got vulnerable.

Rainbow Festival – Ignite gave out 69 thousand condoms and lube.

Fear Farm – The clown was one of the most fun. The one with the chainsaws was the scariest, but it was the loudest.

Jello shots - In total we raised $160 for bears.

Southwest Leather Conference – We have our same time slot.


New Business:

Dungeon Party at Don Burns house – Sunday December 3rd. From 10am – 3pm. BYOB and bring a snack to share. If you don’t know where he lives and are interested in going, ask Patrick.

Build a Bear – Saturday November 4th – We will be going as a group to build the bears and the build a bear at Scottsdale Fashion Square. We will be meeting at 11 am. If you are going, get someone’s number in case you are running late.

Discussion Night – Planning and Thank You cards for donations here at Hob Nobs unless it’s raining.

Gear Night – Do we want to do a demo night for January? Just putting the thought out there.

Nasty Santa – Who do we want to give money to?

Phoenix Shanti Group? – Organization that helps people with addiction.

Wax a Bear – We have a number of donations.

If you are volunteering, please arrive by 8:30 pm

We need volunteers for the following:

4 for Door – Mars, Rocko, Jim, Peter

4 for Raffle Tickets – Steve, Michael May, Marcus, Zrai

4 for Jello Shots – Sam, Miah, Angel, Pup Max

2 table watchers – (needed)

2 gophers – Kirk, (needed)

4 people to commit to be there to help set up and take down – Eric, Marcus, Justin, Rocko, Angel

Previous waxer dropped out. We have a few options as back ups which we are exploring.

Nominations for the next year happen at the next meeting. -We need to start thinking about who we want to nominate for offices.

The offices are President – Runs the meetings

Vice President – Holds order, decorum and is in charge of new members.

Secretary – Takes notes and posts them also in charge of member information.

Treasurer – Holds the money and is in charge of a list of the property.

You can self nominate, you can be nominated for multiple positions.

Quorum will be determined by members at the January meeting.


Nomination for Duane to be an official friend of the boys. - Approved