October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, October 5, 2017

October 05, 0217


Chase, Gus, Mars, Sterling, Max, Rocky, Eagle, Eric, Pup Max, Patrick, Michael May, Justin, Rocko, Miah, Jim, Kenneth, Sir Eric, Alan, Bob, Zrai, Marcus, Tad, Michael, Peter, Angel, Tater, Steve, Steven, Shaggy, Spuds, Branden, Austin, Sparky, Mark, Brian


Old Business

New guidelines: approved.

Gear Night – We made $35 on jello shots.

            Max volunteered for APAH night to sell more jello shots.

Discussion night about the bylaws - Good discussion, especially the section on the mission statement.

Bartlet Lake Bash – People had fun

Southwest Leather Bear Weekend – The Western States Boy Run was recognized as the event of the year. The contest was a lot of fun. The boys volunteered to do the color guard and there were a number of other people who volunteered in other capacities.

Arizona Leather Run – Boys hosted a slot at the hospitality suite. The leather quilt was up.

Max moved back.

Congratualtions party for Michael May and Garret Pool Party - It was fun. 

Mr. Anvil Contest – Miah won. Sir Eric helped Rocky with his fantasy.


New Business

Wax a Bear is about a month and a half away. They are working on donations. If you have anything you want to donate.

Nasty Santa – Does anyone have a nice chair for us to use for Nasty Santa? We did not build a new one yet. We are confirmed with our Santa and we are confirmed for December 9th to hold the event. Also, think about what charity we would like to donate the money to.

Discussion Night

Chastity - 8

Wax - 5

Scenes gone wrong - 20

The Art of Flogging - 9

Nipple Play - 16

Feet Play - 5

Gender – 23 – Mars and Peter to lead

Gear night at the end of the month – Max and Max, Marcus and Zrai will sell jello shots

Pup Night – Shaggy and Max and Spuds will sell jello shots

Cowboy party happening next Saturday. Sarge will be doing a hog tie demo and a buns contest as well as other demos. Joint event for Joshua Tree.

Haunted House outing – Fear farm October 12. $27.00. Open at 7:30 close at 10pm. 99th ave and McDowell. Kenneth will post on the website to the general discussion. See him for more information. QT has Fear Farm coupons. Bob offered that people can park at his place and carpool from there.

Holiday Party at Eagle's House - December 9th.

Phoenix Aids Walk - Sunday October 22nd. $35.00 to walk or run. If you are interested in participating, please see Shaggy. He will post something to the general discussion board.

Rainbow Fest - October 21 and 22 – Patrick will post something to general discussion.

Pups in the Park - October 21.

Don Burns wants to do a dungeon party, PboL, AML and ALBAC. Don wants to have representatives of each group to meet and talk about it. The Presidents will try to meet to discuss a date.

Western States Boy Run is being hosted by the Lone Star Boys of Leather on 21-22.


Additional Announcements: