September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, September 7, 2017

September 07, 2017


Jim, Miah, Gus, Mars, Tad, Patrick, Michael May, Michael, Kenneth, Zrai, Brian, Justin, Chase, PJ, Steve, Alan, Marcus, Auggie, Thumper, Sir Eric, Balloon Boy, Steve,


Old Business

ILSb – Fabulous time. Both our brothers took First Runner up in their individual categories. There were a lot of fabulous people and a lot of fun. Michael May thanked all of the boys for our support.

Camping – It was a lot of fun. We made up a storytelling/roleplaying game based on cabin in the woods. Badminton was a lot of fun. There were contests put on by Steve. Food was delicious.

Fetish Ball – Several people went to the fetish ball. The industrial music was fabulous.

Discussion Night – Setting the Scene – Pre and Post scene. Thank you to Eric and Marcus

Pup Night – No one really showed up.

Pool Parties - Game of Thrones is now over.

Gear Night – It was pretty quiet.

Arizona Leather Run – We need at least one person to come help at the hospitality suite. Our slot is Saturday 1-3pm.


New Business

Emails are down right now on the website. We had to stop the emails because it put us over our email threshold and our site was marked as Spam. We are still working on a solution so that this does not happen again.

Constitution Convention has met and the new bylaws have been posted. Members, please vote on the website. The voting will be open until the next meeting.

Discussion Night this month will be the new proposed bylaws. It will be hosted by the committee. They will make any final changes after that meeting. If you have questions and absolutely cannot make it to the meeting, you can leave comments on the website or email them to Patrick.

Leather Bear Weekend - Pup Max would like some people to do color guard for the Leather Bear Weekend. Color guard will need to be there at 8:30 contest starts at 9:00 pm at Nutown.

We got enough volunteers to do color guard.

Wax a Bear – We need to figure out how to collect the money for the weekend. We also need to make a decision on who we are donating the money toward.

We have a couple of people who would like to see the money go to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. One person suggested to split the money between Joshua Tree and Southwest Center. Joshua Tree might be willing to let us use their square and could cut a check to the other charity.

Motion to split between Joshua Tree and Southwest Center 50/50. It passes overwhelmingly.

Motion to ask Joshua Tree to collect the money through their system and for them to cut a check. It passes overwhelmingly.

Motion to ask the Imperial Court if Joshua Tree cannot or will not do so.

We will be building bears at November 4th at 11am. We meet up, build bears, have lunch and its fun.

Motion to do jello shots at least twice at the Anvil before then. Gear Night this month, Pup night next month and maybe gear night next month.

Is everyone alright with us doing all the same things we did last year? Chinese raffle, hair cuts, waxees, jello shots, door, and silent auction.

Nasty Santa will be in December.

Fear Farm - Paul is putting together a group of boys to go to Fear Farm September 30th. Kenneth will try to get Paul to get the information up on our Facebook group.

New Years Eve - December 31st annual new years eve party at Kennth’s house. The theme will be My Little Princess. Festivities will start at 7 pm and if you want, bring a sleeping bag and crash there. BYOB and sharefood.

Mr. Phoenix Leather - First weekend of January

Southwest Leather Conference would like to know when we want to host the hospitality suite. We would like the same slot we had last year.

Mr. Anvil will be Saturday.

Desert Leather Men are having run November 4th, 5th and 6th in Tucson.