July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 06, 2017


Austin, Patrick, Tad, Michael, Matt, Justin, Thumper, Peter, Steven, Spuds, Mars, Patrick, Felix, Jim, Alex, Michael May, Alen, Eric, Miah, Kenneth, Rocko, Steve, PJ, Marcus, Chase, Hatchet, Spike, Shaggy, Max, Sterling, Jeremiah, Selene and Mike

Old Business

Gear Night - Anniversery Gear Night, Eric did a fantastic poster for us. Our theme was show your colors and there was lots of flagging.

STD Testing event at Stacy's

Discussion Night - Using your brothers as mirrors and dismissing internal monologues. Thank you Daddy Kenneth and Rocko for facilitating.

Rocky proposed to Max

Everywhere else in the country celebrated pride

There have been a couple of pool parties

Pup Mosh - Was a lot of fun.


New Business

Discussion Night

DIY Kink - 11
CBT/Sounding Demo - 20
How to set a scene - 14
Rope Play - 15

Jeremiah, Spuds and Michael May to Facilitate. Kenneth will host.

Monsoon Party will be the next gear night - Marcus is putting it together. Justin will help him.

Michael and Tad got us a deal on T-shirts. $10 for the regular shirts, $12 for a nicer blend. Give him your order by Gear Night and he will 

KFC - Kink, Fetish, Caberet - July 21st. - Michael May and Garrett are having another fundraiser

They are raising money to go to ILSb. They need volunteers. It will also be on pup night.

slave boy Jon needs to have a surgery. He does not have much time to get word out. Hatchett would like to get a representative from each group to form a group to help him. Jon has started a GoFundMe account. He needs $8,000 for the operating room. This is his out of pocket for the surgery. He also needs a poster to get out the word. Hatchett is also looking for people to help Jon in any way possible after the surgery to keep him from going back to work immediatly. No one was willing or able to step up right now, but we agreed that if someone decides they can help we can contact Hatchett.

Talk to Peter and Marcus about the camping trip if you want to go camping. August 18th, 19th and 20th. 

Special Announcement! - As a group we have decided to recognise Daddy Kenneth and Sir Eric for their contributions to the group. We have formed a new membership level as of Kinsman and would like to extend this new level to the two of them. They will be allowed in members only discussions, but they will not have a vote. They are also allowed a version of our colors. 
The Constitutional Convention still has yet to meet. The new membership level will be added into that agenda.