June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 01, 2017


Patrick, Sir Eric, Mars, Miah, Gus, Kenneth, Steve, Rocko, Jim, Michael, Sparky, Michael May, Marcus, Jeremiah, boy Eric, Alan, Justin, Spuds, Tad, Mike Eagle, Rocky, Peter, Logan, Matt, Felix, Steven,

Old Business

IML - It was go go go. There was a pup mosh. Kenneth and Marcus ran the pup mosh and it went really well. Jerry competed and represented us well. There was a lot of shopping.

Comicon - Several people came to Comicon.

There was an event called "Men, Strut Your Stuff" at Comicon and it was primarily young straight men in the audience and there was a lot of great energy, and not a lot of fragility about masculinity.

Blurred Lines Fashion Show - It was impressive to see the time and effort that went into the outfits. It was a fun and different fundraiser. Raised over $900.00

Sir Search - Michael May and Garrett put together Sir Search as a fundraiser for their travel fund. It was a lot of fun, but no one seems to know what the Sirs were judged on. The final category was flirting. Kenneth won, Jeremiah was first runner up, Sir Eric was second runner up.

Gear Night - It was a lot of fun. There were quite a few new people to show up.

Discussion Night - Rocko, Eric and Justin lead discussion night on supporting each other. It was nice to put into words how this group makes some of us feel. It was an emotional night and a lot of people got very vulnerable.


New Business

Imperial Court of Arizona had their coronation. Phoenix boys of Leather were bestowed the Reign III Foo-Manitarian Award.

Discussion Night

Using our Brothers as Mirrors - 20

Gender and Exploration - 14


Cleaning Out - 11


Gear Night - Do we want to do a demo night? Or a theme night? -

For June - A Rainbow/Hanky code themed night. Sell rainbow jello shots and hankies. Put on the poster “Show Your Colors” Sir Eric will make the poster.

For July - Demo Night? Monsoon Party we agreed will be the theme. Marcus and Alan will lead and put together the demos.


Arizona Leather Run website is up.

Workshops include:

Rocko and Zrai will be doing Pup 101

Kenneth is doing bondage.

And more...


Waterpark is August 13th. The tickets are $39.00 per person.

Imperial Court Investitrues - June 11th at 6pm

June 24th is National HIV testing day. Southwest Center will be holding a large event at Stacy's that day.

There is a competition of volunteers to raise money. Watch Kenneth’s facebook page to know how and when to donate.


August will be camping. Talk to Peter for more information.

Boy Run will be in October.