May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 04, 2017

PboL May Minutes


Jeremiah, Mike, Patrick, Alan, Michael, Tad, Jim, Michael May, Tater, Miah, Mars, Sir Eric, Rocko, Steve, Spike, Eric, Keith, Garrett, Sparky, Marcus, Spuds, PJ, Peter,

Old Business

Gear Night – Demo Night – It was fantastic. Thank you, Peter.

Pride Float – We discussed this once. Look at last month’s notes. It was fun.

Fur Fest – It was a bear event that happens in the area every year. It also was a pool party.

APaH mosh – It was busy.

Mr. Anvil Bear Contest – Garrett bootblacked a lot. There was a lot of participation. Michael May judged.

Puppies in the Park

CLAW – It was a fantastic time.

Patrick moved – He says thank you to those who helped.

Birthday pool party – It was super fun. There was waaaay too much cake. More cake than anyone can eat.

Treasury has $194


New Business

Discussion Night

Gender - 16
Cleaning Out or Ass play - 15
Aftercare - 7
Cigar Play - 8
Cross Community Interactions - 9
CBT - 12
How we support each other outside of the group. – 17 Justin and Rocko to help.

Gear Night – May 27th

Sir Search will be May 13th. Talk to Michael May or Garrett if you want to help. It will be a fundraiser for their travel fund.

T-Shirts - We have an idea on new t-shirts. We may be able to get extra discounts if we order in bulk, and getting a nicer shirt will cost a little extra, but overall these are a lot cheaper than the old shirts and we can order them individually. Talk to Michael May if you need a shirt. 

Keith's GenderBlender Fundraiser - Two weeks from Saturday 9pm to midnight Keith has his gender blender fundraiser.

Southwest center is having a fundraiser on the 13th. You can get tickets online at

Sunday is a fundraiser for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship. It will be a Salsa contest. At Kurumba’s between 2 and 6 pm.

Bob had hip surgery. We would like to have some volunteers help bring him meals. See Tater if you are willing to volunteer.

Anvil is having their anniversary party and AML is hosting it. Friday the 12th.

Patches - We should order more patches soon. We have three and two of them will be sold soonish. We need to find out more information. Justin will get more info and get back to us at the next meeting.