March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

PboL March Minutes


Aiden, Mike, Mars, Jim, Michael May, Tater, Ludo, Daddy Kenneth, Zrai, Sir Eric, Patrick, Rocko, Bob, Justin, Eagle, Jeramiah, Alan, Peter, Rob, PJ, Spuds, Paul, Garret, Keith, Steven Logan, Damian, Devin, Sterling, Steve, Marcus, Sparky


Old Business

Treasury Report – $244.25 Three patches, 2-new $50 1-old $45

Gear Night – There was at least one good scene and bootblacking.

Matsuri – Lots of people made it. Food was good.

Freaky Friday – Some people went to Freaky Friday. Celica is a member of the boys and we went to support them.

Sir Eric did a flogging and single tail demo at Anvil.

Pup Night – Happened. It was fun.

AML’s Prison Party

Gear Night kick off party at Bunkhouse – Raised $125

Float Committee – Meeting every Sunday at 11 am. You can show up late. They are meeting at Mike Sanchez’s house, Mcdowell and 16th street. Talk to Michael May or Justin for more info.

 Still waiting for some donations to come in. They need help with the physical work. Please come out and help paint, put up a shade, etc. The float will have a castle theme.

Motion to pay $50.00 from the treasury and replace the money with a fundraiser or two later. – Motion passes.

Discussion Night – Taking care of your leather gear – It was really well put together.


New Business

Rope Bondage Night at the Anvil with Daddy Kenneth? Is there interest? Yes.

Southwest Leather Sir Boy and Community Bootblack contest March 9th -12th.

Superhero themed event.           

Thursday Night is Central City - At the Rock – Meet and greet at 8pm

Friday – Gotham – Anvil Starts at 9 pm – Dark Sexy Vibe

Contestants that night will be judged

Saturday Night – Metropolis – 9pm $5.00 donation at the door.

AML is doing a cookoff at 2 pm on Saturday at New Town as a fundraiser for the contest.

Rocko needs flag bearers for Saturday.

Boy Pup Max is coming back for the SWL Bear Cub and Moma Bear

Is there a general interest in the boys doing the flags for that contest. Yes.

Discussion Night

Cigar Play 7

Tickle Torture 15

Personas 17 Eric and Peter

Limits and Negotiation 9

Fisting 14

The Art of Torture 9


Gear Night – Last Saturday of the month.

Demo Gear in April – Impact Play – Leading it, Peter and Kenneth

Ren Faire – LGBTQ day will be March 18th. We will meet at Denny’s then head out from there. If you want to try to car pool from Denny’s that is up to you. If you have any questions, contact Daddy Kenneth. Sir Eric offered that we can leave our cars at his house, which is near the Denny’s. The Ren Faire suggests you wear red to show your solidarity. We suggest you wear your colors. If you are going, let Kenneth, Rocko, or Marcus know.

AML - Sun Spash Golf Land tickets are on sale now for the event on August 13th. See Eagle for more info. $36.00

Forbidden Fantasies March 3rd at Bunkhouse – Benefitting Mike’s fundraising for gay pride. Scenes will be held like an auction. Highest bidder will be assisting the top in the scene in some way that does not affect the scene. Beer Bust starting at 8 pm. There will be five raffle baskets.

Drag Brunch March 12th also a fundraiser for Mike’s fundraising for gay pride. See Mike for more information. It will be a full show. Ticket incudes brunch and one Mimosa.

Arizona Leather Run will be September 8-10th. There will be a formal dinner, a catered dungeon, two dungeons and is a feeder for next years fellowship run.

Kyaking trip for April 8th $40 See Zrai.

Boy Run will be in Dallas October 19th – 22nd. $25 and includes most meals. People will be staying in a host hotel.

Rocko is the Prep Guy for Southwest Center for HIV – There will be a soft launch at Stacy’s Saturday 11th.