February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

PboL February Minutes



Patrick, Mars, Ludo, Sir Eric, Michael May, Rocko, Justin, Rocky, Bob, Miah, Eagle, Sir Joe, David, Keith, Jim, Mike, Aiden, Peter, Marcus, Sparky, Steve, Jeramiah, Leo, Max, Sterling, Eric, Steve, Garret, Spuds


Old Business

Discussion Night – The art of submission. Thank you to Patrick and Eagle.

Gear Night – A-PAH joined us. We had fun. It was great to do once in a while, but not all the time.

Southwest Leather Conference – Lots of people were at the boys hospitality suite, several of us attended the whole conference.

Mr. Phoenix Leather – Jerry won, Justin came in second. We are very proud of all the contestants.

Miah did a fundraiser for SWLb – raised $525.00

Ms. Pride Supreme – Alexus Montoya won. We are all very proud.

AML Prison Party – February Saturday 11th


New Business

Rocko is the new PrEP guy at the Southwest Center.

Southwest Leather Sir boy Community Bootblack – March 9-11 Superhero themed

Thursday night will be Star City - Rock

Friday night will be Gotham – At Anvil – Different groups are doing demos.

      It is motioned that we do a demo – Motion passes

      Patrick and Marcus will organize a demo.

Saturday is Metropolis

      Appetizer cookoff will happen at 2 that afternoon. Benefits the travel fund.


Imperial Court Superbowl party – will the boys please donate a basket.

Motion to donate – Motion passes

We will donate some of the Leathers Nixie donated to us, Marcus will see if he has any alcohol to donate and Sir Eric will donate some prints.

February 5th at noon is the party


Discussion Night – Leather care wins - Marcus and Garret to lead

How to ask for what you want? - 11

Cigar Play - 8

Puppy Play - 2

The Art of Torture - 16

Leather care – 19

Fire Play - 7


Gear Night – February 25th

We may want to see if Lan will do a discount on drinks for following the dress code on gear night. Or maybe we could do free jello shots for people dressed appropriately.


Pride is coming up – First float meeting happened.

All of the groups will be asked for donations. Please reply on Facebook if you want to help with putting the float together or with the committee in general. 

The pride parade is Sunday April 2nd.

A motion is made to table making a vote till next month when we have better info on how much it will cost. – Motion passes.


Ms. Supreme Pride – Mike needs to raise $2,000 for the Pride Scholarship fund. He wants to do a spank a boy. Boys will be auctioned off to be spanked. Friday March 3rd

Motion to support a fundraiser for Mike with our input and approval – Motion passes

Discussion was had about ways to do it safely. Discussion was also had about ways to do a fundraiser that is sexy but does not have the potential for anyone to get hurt.

Mike will take the week to think about it and will come back to us with which of our suggestions work best for him.

There will also be a Prom night to support Pride on March 11th. All are welcome.


Sunday March 12th will be a drag brunch. It will be a full buffet. He will send us a flier next week and there will be a drag show.


Mike would like to know if we are willing to be his sponsor for the Pride competition. We have no monetary obligations, he just wants to list us because we do support him.

Motion to grant Mike permission to list us as sponsors – Motion passes


Patrick has a proposal to form a committee to add the treasurer to our guidelines

A motion was made that we review the guidelines to write wording to add treasurer and suggest other changes as necessary. Changes will be reviewed by the members and passed or not by a vote. – Motion passes








Third weekend of February is Gay Rodeo weekend. There will be a mechanical bull. $5 to ride and will be there from 12 to midnight.


This is our 15th anniversary – June would we like to something special? Nothing that needs to be done now, just want to throw it out there.


Sir Eric will be teaching flogging at the Anvil on February 8th


Matsuri will be coming up on February 25th and 26th. Patrick will post to Facebook with further details.


Keith will be hosting his first fundraiser as Southwest Leather cub on March 18th. 


Meeting Adjourned