November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Pbol Business MeetingMinutes

Date: 10.3.16  ​​​​​​ ​​​


      Rocko, Eagle, Michael, Rocky, Mars, Jim, Marcus, Peter, Eric,

      Patricko, Justin, Alan, James, Max, Michael, Tad, Mateo,

      Kenneth, Zrai, Rob, Mike, Wade, Miah, Steve, Keith, Bob, Sterling, Spudz,

      Jeremiah, Garrett, Ludo.

Mission Statement: Patrick did a really good job memorizing it all again finally yay!

Old Business:

• Discussion Night. 
Rocko and Alan did a great job leading it
It was very educational.
• Gear Night
Super Fun
Low key night
• Boy run/bonus gear Night
Very Good Turn out
Boys checking on boys
Everyone did a fantastic job
• Boy Run 2016 Phoenix Invasion
Michael got bit.
Ludo’s Nipples had a new experience.
Justin and Patrick thank everyone for a successful boy run.
Eagle has a special shout out to Ludo for being D.D. all weekend. Says he could not have done the bar crawl without Ludo.
It was great watching boys be there for each other.
• Anvil Costume contest
Just about all the finalist were boys.
• Pup Night with A-Pah
fun was had by all
Good mix of old and new pups

Semi- Old/New Business:

• Wax-A-Bear
Jesse gave 50 bucks for another bear to be bought.
Jello shots for the event sold 90 bucks worth.
Building Bears Sunday November 6th at 3pm in fashion square mall in Scottsdale
Event Jobs for event
▪ Door: Mars, Rocko, Steve
▪ Jello Shots: Miah, Zrai, Michael May
▪ Raffles: Mike, Keith, Michael
▪ Hold the Cross: Peter
▪ Silent Auction: Eric, Kenneth
▪ Runners: Alan, Spudz, Wade
Everyone Meet November 19th @ 7:30pm
▪ Suggested Donation of $5.00 OR a $5.00 can of food

New Business:

• Gear Night
Probably going to be low key
▪ Theme night due.
▪ Mummification lead by Jim and Marcus.
• Elections
Vote to move the January Business meeting one week forward
▪ Let it be written. So the 2nd week in January is the business meeting.
• Mr. Phoenix Leather
First Week in January
Loki, Tugger, Pug, and Justice all returning for the event to help out.
Leather Quilt will be on display.
Apply if you would like to be Mr. Phoenix leather
• Nasty Santa
o December 12th, 2016
• AML XMAS party
Eagles House @ 7pm the same night as Nasty Santa
Eric’s discussion on headspace has been rescheduled from August
Doors open at 5:30pm
Starts at 5:45
Disscussion is free. After party is not.
Members or official friends - $5.00
Anyone else $8.00 and has to be the +1 of a member.
Wear your colors as proof of membership.
• Mr. Anvil
December 17th 2016
• Rocky Horror Picture Show
November 12th 2016
Show starts @ 11pm

Meeting Closed