October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, October 6, 2016

Phoenix Boys of Leather Buisness Meeting October

Present:  Miah Jerry Bob Eric Mark Steve Michael Eagle Brian Justin Jim Rocko Alan Damien Devon Auggie Thumper Rob Zrai Patrick Ludo Rage Sterling Michael Tad Marcus Daniel Rick Keith James

Mission statement - Patrick almost did it. 

Old buisness

  • Discussion night on body image - super good night rockco and steve lead the discussion good job. - it was liked because how body image can be so negative that it was nice to make it so positive. Boy Mike was a big help.
  • Gear night - it was a fun good tame night. New people around. Sold jello shots. All of them. Justin and marcus thank you for selling. 110 bucks made to go towards the bears being made.
  • Bearacuda- very packed night.
  • South west daddy bear, momma bear, and cub - keith is here who won cub yay. 5th year going. 1st year mama bear. Michael may was a dom top to keith in his fantasy. Patrick helped with dons fantasy. Zrai was judges puppy
  • Miah competed in dallas as did jesse from tucson. We are so proud of miah. Gave miah a chance to spread his wings and be his fullest.
  • Last pool parties - we all had a blast this pool season
  • Tucson pride - eric went and did a flogging demo in the BDSM tent 
  • A-pah had their pup night. Alot of new puppies. Very full night.
  • Boy run - friday at the rock. Meeting at 8pm - official welcoem to the boy run party. Thusday night whoever shows up can get a pin. A dollar off on saturday extra gear night at anvil. Plus pin gets you dinner at the official dinner. Committee met and we are in need of tables and chairs for the dinner. Contact patrick if ou have folding chairs or tables. 
  • Wax a bear - saturday november 5th is when we go to build a bear about noon at fasion square mall. Stray cat tgeater - ILSB - scorpious dance - phoenix theater - all puppet oplayer - doggies days - ten united - off chute too - rossolon - r&b leather - arizona men of leather - anvil - the rock - nutowne saloon - comic con -nixie donated a bunch of leather to be autioned off - these are the people who confirmed. (People still waiting on )- nearly naked theater - bliss rebar - switch - the court - kolbalt - cruisin 7th - oz
  • Thank you letter from AML to PBOL about sunslash. Yay!!! From eagle

New Business  

  • Discussion night - move it? Probably not. Lets just hang out and show the visitors how we hang.
  • Ideas for disscussion night - history behind the boy run - Post boy run disscussion - 18 Bare hands education / demo - 16 Rope bondage demo - 15 Devon is leading the disscussion with rockco
  • Gear night 29th - jello shots - if lon says no to jello shots that night then pup night it is.
  • Nasty santa set for december 10th - official South west center - 7 Hurricane hitting florida - 2 1 & ten - 2 Pflag - 6 Toys for tots - 0 South west center - wins
  • Eagle is throwing a xmas party the same night for whoever wats to go.
  • Nomination - members only Rockco is nominating kirk Vote - Kirk IS IN YAY!!!

Meeting adjorned