August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August Pbol Business Meeting Minutes

Date: 8.4.16                                                                                                                                      


       Rocko, Eagle, Michael, Felix, Rocky, Mars, Paul, Jim, Marcus, Peter, Eric,

       Shaggy, Patricko, Justin, Alan, James, Max, Michael, Damien, Tad, Mateo,

       Devon, Brian, Mike, Kenneth, Ludo.

Mission Statement: Patrick did a really good job memorizing it all finally yay!

Old Business:

  • Demo Discussion Night.
    • Bob and Tater did a great job leading it
    • It was great getting to see different instruments
    • Mars brought a huge flogger “the doctor”
    • Patrick learned to flog as the top of the scene
  • Tugger’s going away Parties
    • Thanks to everyone for signing the card
    • Shadow box was beautiful
  • July Gear/Demo Night
    • Good Turn out
    • Eric stood until close which never happens
  • 2 Pool Parties @ Rocko and David’s
    • Thanks for everyone who brought food.
  • Dore Alley Street Fair
    • A bunch of boys went to San Francisco.
    • A bunch of fun was had by all
  • Pup Night with A-Pah
    • fun was had by all
    • Good mix of old and new pups / male and female pups
  • Ab-Fab boys on film
    • A whole row of boys at the theater
    • Such a funny movie
  • Patches
    • Patrick says his mistake as he originally said 50 bucks for patches but didn’t account for the tax/shipping and handling. 50 bucks was the prices before all that. So with everything the total comes to 51.55.
    • Patrick to cover the cost of the current order since people already paid in advance but moving forward just so everyone knows the real price of the patches.
    • Since we have 4 patches there is no reason to discuss future orders right now.


New Business:

  • Discussion Night Topic
    • James suggested maybe a Skinhead fashion discussion
    • Eric suggested maybe a Gear fashion discussion in general



Art of Torture


Cigar/Breath Play


Pony/Animal Play


Fashion as Fetish


  • Fashion as Fetish (gear) WINS the vote.
    • Paul and Eric to lead the discussion
  • Gear Night
    • August 27th
      • Just because it isn’t a demo night doesn’t mean you can’t do demos.
      • In fact demos are encouraged.
  • Camping
    • August 26th (Friday) to August 28th (Sunday)
    • Bring $5.00 for a big group dinner during camping
    • Open to everyone, not just members
    • Bring a hoodie, can get chilly at night
    • Bring a flashlight
    • Ask around if you don’t have camping stuff or need a place to crash during camp share a tent
    • Contact Patrick or Rocko for more information
  • Summer Nights Show
    • At Bunkhouse
    • August 13th
  • Phoenix Theater
    • Production of Lizzie
      • For more information contact Eric
  • Pool Parties
    • To continue this Sunday
  • Southwest Leather Conference
    • Hospitality Suite
      • Fantastic Job this year
    • Invited to do it again next year
    • Voted on same time and slot as last time
    • January 21st 2017
    • Sat: 10am to 2pm
    • For more information or for volunteering contact mars
  • Headspace
    • Discussion lead by Eric
      • TNG invites pbol to join
    • 7pm @ one voice
    • August 17th

Meeting Closed