July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, July 7, 2016

July Pbol Business Meeting Minutes

Date: 7.7.16


       Rocko, Bob, Miah, Eagle, Steve, Michael, Garrett, Felix, Rocky,

       Auggie, Mars, Thumper, Paul, Jim, Marcus, Zrai, Peter, Eric,

       Shaggy, Patricko, Justin, Alan, Chris, Max, Josh, Michael, Ludo.

Mission Statement: Patrick did a really good job memorizing it all except the last line but still great job Patrick yay!

Old Business:

  • Sleepover at Rocko’s for members. 4th of July weekend (members only)
    • Patrick’s 80’s swim dance
    • Marcus discovered Redline at QT
    • Zrai tried to sleep outside but it was a fail.
    • Michael discovered the float from the pool makes an excellent air mattress.
  • Heals & Harness fundraiser.
    • Made over $600.00
  • June Gear Night
    • Also Tugger’s goodbye party.
    • Shadow box for Tugger made.
    • Big sign card for everyone to leave messages for Tugger.
  • Game of Throne Pool Parties @ Rocko and David’s
    • Rocko says thanks for pitching in with what is needed and helping to clean up after.
    • Patrick really likes the current format of a couple of people at a time being in charge of the dinner. Better to have a good quality meal then just lots of junk food.
  • Zrai’s House warming
    • Everyone had fun watching movies.
    • Thank you from Zrai to everyone who went.
  • Pup Night with A-Pah
    • Lots of newer puppies showed up and fun was had by all.
  • Discussion Night
    • Was changed last minutes to talk and express and discuss the Orlando Tragedy
      • Was supposed to be body image
    • Lead by Steve and Rocko
    • Heavy topic but very much needed

New Business:

  • Discussion Night Topic
    • Rocko suggested maybe a demo or something light due to the last discussion being so heavy.





Art of Torture


Cigar/Breath Play


Body Image


Pony/Animal Play


Flogging 101


Wax Play


  • Body Image won last month but is too dark a topic for this month.
  • Flogging 101 (demo) WINS (meet at hobnobs then go to Anvil)
    • Bob to help lead the discussion/demo night
    • Anyone willing to help Bob or join in on the demo contact Bob
  • Gear Night
    • To be tied with our Discussion/Demo night to make a Demo Gear Night (Flogging/Impact play)
      • Marcus & Zrai to take charge of the Demo Gear Night
    • Anyone willing to help or join in a Demo contact Marcus or Zrai
  • Pbol T-Shirts
    • Tad could get boy shirts for $10.00
      • Question raised of whether it is Screen print or Vinyl
    • Table topic until next meeting and more information
  • Patches
    • Guy who makes patches is backed up by 2 weeks.
    • Got the go ahead to go order the patches
  • Calendar
    • Calendar on Website needs to be updated with events.
      • Zrai volunteers to head up the website calendar
    • If there is an event coming up let Zrai know
  • Camping
    • August 26th (Friday) to August 28th (Sunday)
    • Contact Patrick or Rocko for more information
  • Boyback Mountain
    • A summer weekend cabin retreat
      • Hosted by DJ
    • July 22nd (Friday) to July 25th (Sunday)
    • Along with us the LA boys and LV boys have been invited.
      • Please contact DJ for any information
  • Foam Party
    • To help fund travels to Dallas for Miah and Jessie
      • Gives them a chance to speak in public and practice within family
    • Anyone not camping is encouraged to come along
  • Pups on Ice
    • Arcadia Ice Arena
      • 3853 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018
    • $30.00 for up to 50 people
    • Any information contact Zrai
  • AIDSWALK Arizona
    • Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
      • Option 1 – Join Front Runners Team in the event
      • Option 2- Donate (sponsor) someone on the Front Runners Team
    • Contact Shaggy for any information
  • Sun splash Event
    • $36.00 a ticket
    • For more information, contact Eagle or Rocky
  • Pool Party Needs
    • Pool Duck is sunk
    • Need a new Pool Duck
    • Any information contact Rocko or the PBoL Board
  •  5th Annual Western Boy Run
    • October 14th (Friday) to October 16th (Sunday)
    • Boy Run Committee
      • Rocko, Michael, Marcus, Zrai, Mateo, Patrick, Ludo
    • Housing
      • If you have space to house our guest contact a committee member
    • Souvenir
      • Pins, Patches, or T-Shirts
      • Committee to Discuss and Decide options
      • Online Vote after discussion between committee
    • Committee to also discuss the following
      • Activities and Advertising
  • Wax-A-Bear
    • (Saturday) November 19th 2016 @ 10:00pm
    • Eric and Garret to take charge of this
    • Michael and Marcus to assist those in charge of this
    • If funds not reached by other sources our backup plan is for Shaggy to Host our Gear night October, 29th (Halloween gear night) with pbol selling jello shots for wax-a-bear.
    • Wax-A-Bear Poster Needed
      • Discussion among the group how waxie’s are selected.

Meeting Closed