June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, June 2, 2016

7:27 we started Patrick (President), Mars (Member), Michael May (VP), Daniel (Guest), Peter (Member), Rocko (Member), Steve (Member), Oscar (Friend), Bob (Member), Zrai (Member), Paul (Guest), Sir Eric (Friend), Jim (Guest), Rocky (Member), Max (Guest), Brian (Member), Miah (Member), Jim (Member), Felix (Guest).

Patrick almost forgot to read the mission statement. Old Business Pool Parties have started. There will start being people responsible for making sure that the food happens at the parties instead of it being potluck so that we can have more of a community meal together. The next pool party will have a Mexican theme, bring tequila and margaritas. It is still BYOB.

IML – Tigger won IML. Erick won IMBB. BamBam thanked PBoL in his step down speech.

Discussion Night – Thank you Eric and Mike. We talked about D/s Relationships. Tabatha’s Code Night – Raised $443.00 for Unity House. Michael May and Jim raised $173. Garret Boot Blacked and donated his tips. AML Prison Party - Raised $466 for Logan’s Playground. APaH had a puppy night. Zrai had a movie day. Bartlett Bash – Had Fun

New Business

SW Leather Bear Contest is staying in Phoenix – Jim would like to know if we would like to put on the Brunch on Sunday, or put on the cigar social on Friday. Cigars would require that we provide the cigars. Sunday Brunch would require that we put together the food, get the venue, everything. They do not know how many people will be at the breakfast. He needs to know by next month. Proposal to reject Jim’s proposal. – Passes unanimously

Our Domain name is expiring in September. Bob and Peter offered to split the cost and buy it for us for the next three years.

Discussion Night Sadism as a Boy/Deriving Pleasure from Pain/Masochism – 10 Cupping - 3 Body Image – 16 (Winner) Rocko and Steve Cigar Play - 2 Breath Play – 3 Wax - 0 Puppies/Animal/Pony Play – 11

Gear Night is the 25th of June – Tugger wants to hijack our gear night for his going away party. – Motion Passes It was suggested that we put it on for him as a club.

Patches – Leatherworks would like to do our patches. He stopped Brian and said that he could do 6 at a time for $40-50 each. Members who want a patch now can put in money for it now. Any other money can be taken from the Treasury. The treasury should now have enough to cover all 6 patches if necessary. Motion to order patches from Leatherworks – Motion Passes.

Motion to fund the Leather Journal for $100.00 – 13 for 3 against. Bob payed for the Kickstarter and will be paid back by people who offered to donate toward the fund.

We all agreed that for time sensitive matters we are ok voting on the website with a members only poll.

A conversation was requested about etiquette on posting to the members only forum. An offer was made that it could be made so that our first name last initial could be required as the display name. We agreed that we didn’t want that. It was agreed that a sticky thread should be made with forum etiquette.

Zrai will have an Open House on the 18th. Zrai will post it to the website.

TNG would like members from PBoL to do a presentations for TNG. Two people offered to do demos or presentations. Mars will be Liaison for the two groups. If other people would like to do demos or discussions, let Mars know.

If you would like a T-Shirt let Michael May know. We can to do up to 5 more shirts.

-- In Joy, Mars