May 2016 Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pbol May Minutes

Jim(member), Marcus(member), Josh(guest), Paul(member), Zrai(member), Bill(guest), Garrett(guest), Ludo(secretary), Michael(vice president), Jeremiah(guest), Steve(member), Marko(guest), Tater(member), Patricko(president), Justin(treasurer), Auggie(guest), Thumper(guest), Tabatha(friend), Mike(guest), Rocky(member), Max(guest), master LJ(guest), billy(guest), eagle(member), eric(friend), alan(member), shaggy(member), rockco(member), justice(friend),

Patrick says mission statement. Only had to look at his phone once. YAY!

old business
Discussion Night - zrai and justin did great. voyerism/exabitionism. People really had fun opening up saying their stories.

APEX BBQ - few people went. It was fun, got to learn more about apex, they plan to do some mens nights and puppy nights. They are moving to a way bigger location.

Gear Night - pretty mellow and nice. A few demos. Mike had fun.

Pride parade - thank you everyone for coming out. Good turn out. Proud of the float committee.

Playbear party - went extremely well garrett said. Went on even with weather.

Black & Blue ball - it was delightful. Demos were on par. Everyone had a great time. Michael and bill did a cupping demo. Danny got flogged.

Genderfuck burlesque - tugger performed. Some of us dressed up to celebrate gender bending.

Apah had their pup night. Puppies were playing.

Leather & Lace event - Miah’s fundraiser. Josh was in his underwear. So was steve woo hoo. Seemed to go very well.

First members only Pool Party - rocko says thank you all for coming. More pool parties to come and some will be opened up to non members however If you are going to bring someone from outside the group run it by rockco. Also respect this is rockco and david’s home.

new business
Discussion night

Basinato / Art of torture - 8
pup/ pony/ Animal play - 10
Wax play - 4
Reservation with kinky relationship and how you deal - 17 (winner)
Fire play / Cupping - demo - 7
Body image - 12
Cigar - 9
Breathplay - 9

Mike, Eric, Jeramiah, - to lead discussion.

Gear night - tabitha - local fundraiser, unity house, halfway house for trans men and women in phoenix. non profit, adding 700 to whatever she raises. 28th of may. Code night. Silent auction. Show up in your leather. Garrett to bootblack. Shaggy volunteers to help tabitha. Looking for 1 or 2 more people to help. If anyone doesn't want to organize but wants to help show up and ask tabitha for a task. Eric recommends also talking to people on the imperial court. Save the date.

Wax a bear - for future discussion need people to find models get bears etc. keep it in mind. Biggest event the boys do.

Camping - August. - put on the table until later.

Fundraiser - in tucson, danny (phoenix mr leather) venture N. for Mr. Phoenix travel fund on the 13th of May.

Prison party - dave mcqueen and patrick are the wardens. Caged puppy. Jello shots. Fundraiser for logan's playground. Anyone to volunteer ask eagle. Selling tickets to water park that night. Combo deal. Ask rocky for more info.

Boy run - patrick asks group to open up ideas to what to do. Dinner, rainbow fest, lots of events going on, bunk house, anvil, justin suggests maybe a bar bus. Maybe some work shops. Like our discussion nights. Not so much education but getting to know each other. Maybe open our homes to help boys afford the run.
Marcus, to join michael mateo ludo zrai and patrick in boy run commite.
Jeremiah also willing to help out.

Justin - 1 patch left. Was tabled after last discussion.

Zrai and Marko got a new place yay.


A-pah having their pup night. Third Friday of the month.

meeting adjourned