April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pbol April Minutes


  • Patrick out of town. Michael to run meeting. Michael read statement.



Bob(member), mars(member), miah(nomination), tad(guest), michael(guest), jim(member), justin(treasurer), zrai(member), tater(member), jan(guest), garret(member), rocky(member), steven(guest), eric(friend), mateo(member), kirk, michael(vice pres), ludo(secretary), gram (cam guy), malon(guest), max(guest), blake (guest speaker), marcus(member), jeremiah(guest), mike(guest), rocko(member), jerry(guest), steve(member), peter(member), tugger(member).


Blake to speak to the boys about PTSD after old business.


old business

Pride, and the mutha freaking float, thanks to everyone who worked hard on the float and made it happen. A special thank you to Michael May for taking this on.


Also at pride, Rope demo in the tent, kenneth did the tying.  Rainbow rope used on marcus(red), rockco(orange), tugger(yellow), michael(green), jeff(blue), and steve(purple). Looked very hot and sexy.


Gear night “BOOTS” a fun time had by all who went. Zrai got stepped on.


Discussion night, mars and ludo, very good discussion we had. Great job everyone who spoke.


Ren fair happened. Some boots still dusty from that day and needs some care.


Chili cook off - rocky won. WOOT WOOT!


Before New Business BLAKE to (friend of eric) to speaks about PTSD - part of a documentary. Was filmed with consent. Those without consent to be blurred or cut out. Deep story. Some members wrote messages on some cardboard signs he had.


new business


Boy run

Patrick would like some people to help organize the weekend.

Micheal, zrai, ludo, mateo raised their hands to take it on.

We are hosting it in phoenix this year ourselves.

October 15th weekend which has both A-Pah Pup night happening

and it will be Rainbow fest weekend.


Rocko idea for the boy run -  A formal leather dinner. Everyone dressed all in their gear. Eating together and being social together.


Discussion night

Basinato - 2

Pup play - 12

Fire play / Cupping - demo - 8

Voyerism/Exabishionism - 17

Body image - (held off this month since we just had a deep discussion)

Zrai and Justin to lead the discussion


This sunday is APEX BBQ - everyone invited. Open to everyone. Free food. Free entry. At noon. Come everyone!


Gear night coming up on the last saturday of the month, the 30th of April.


Black and Blue Ball April 8th. Demos happening and should be a good time.


Puppy mosh presented by A-pah- the 3rd friday of the month the 15th of April.


April 23rd at bunkhouse Miah is having a show for his SWLB travel fund. It is the first fundraiser for SWLB. food to start at 7:30 to 8:30 - $5.00 for food. Then the show to start at 9pm. Steve volunteered to sell jello shots. Anyone else who wants to help see miah. The theme for the event is leather and lace.


Rocko steve and tugger have a bday coming up. WOOT WOOT!!!


Michael and tad - saturday june 18th - Phoenix mercury pride night at the talking stick resort. Joshua tree is the sole beneficiary this year. Get tickets before the end of april to help joshua tree. 12 bucks for a ticket. Use promo code JOSHUATREE please.


Marcus - is everything squared away with float money pride float wise? Justin and michael: yes.

Almost broke even with what we donated.


Michael may - has the pbol and apah flags - to put them in anvil. A good option when we have to show our colors.


Justin dero - funds - patches. Down to one boy patch. Vote to make 3 new ones so we have 4 total. We going to hold off for 1 month until we figure out where the patches are being made at.

Justin and michael may to research new places.


Justin - new idea - because we are an active club but not a lot of funds, lon at anvil offered to have available the option to sell jello shots on a more regular basis, to be planned out maybe related to gear night or something similar. *big group discussion* too much to type* - Vote to leave things how they are now OR to leave things with how they are with the option to sell jello shots as needed should it be needed for patches or something that comes up. - as needed vote won.


New nominations - rocko for Miah!

Discussion and vote!




meeting adjourned

Time for Karaoke at Anvil.