March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pbol March Minutes


  • patrick had another whole month to memorize the statement. lucky he had it ready in his phone again.



Ludo Zrai Mars Patricko Bob Jim Max Rocko Micheal Peter Steve Alan Tater Marcus Tugger Eagle Rocky

Danny Jesse Rich Jeramiah Kirk Dan Mike Curtis Alan 


old business

Discussion Night - protocol

great discussion lead by rocky and kenneth. It was good most of the people engaged and shared which is what the discussions are all about.


gear night- 

really good night. marcus had an allergy attack! *marf* Mike had an amazing time.


Leap Yeah - David's bday yay!


Demos at charlie's (leather and lace)- 

Steve, Patrick, and Zrai ‘ first time being single tailed. 

Bar was really happy with the turn out.


Japanese culture festival - 

patrick jeramiah justin steve went. Pretty cool and nice. had a good lunch some in kimono. 


Impromtu Flogging 101 - Alot of fun. interests for future flogging 101 dates. dates to come.


southwest leather demos - rockco took a moment to say thank you to everyone signing up for the demos. tonight cigar social. friday night is demos at anvil at 9pm. saturday contest at bunkhouse. Parking may be difficult. grats to tater for the last year as boy. jesse is running for sir this year. dan and max (american brotherhood) 


demo night at gear night (boots) anvil knows about it and will included it in their posters. Steven might be doing a poster. marcus will make a post in the forum about gear night.


max wanted to thank pbol for sponsoring him. everyone was supportive. He wore his colors and really appreciates the boys.




new buisness


Disscussion Night suggestions


fetish 8


body image 7

cupping 3

foot play 6




mars and ludo to lead Fetish Discussion.


treasury report - down to 1 patch

wait until next month to discuss buying more patch (until after float stuff)


ren-fair weekend - 13th of March - Ludo and Mars to organise since eric can’t make it. 


float update

design has been made, tire has been replaced and checked. still gotta check the other 3 tires. good with donations could always use more for extra stuff and secure stuff for the float. The float is painted. Already starting to buy stuff. Handing out flags to the clubs. Pride Parade is on Sunday the 3rd of April. Motion on donating 100.00 towards the float. seconded. everyone voted yes. If we need more we will do an online members only vote.


Chili Cook Off

Mr. Phoenix Leather Travel contest!

Sat - March 12th at Nutowne @1pm

Show up with your chili. 


August 7th - sun splash even 36.00 a ticket including a fab package. See eagle to see whats included in the package. Sponcered by AML benefitting logans playground. There will be lots of kids. 


Danny has been having fun with Mr. Phoenix Leather. Likes fundraising. March 30th is a Wed. a fundraising for Mr. Phoenix Travel Fund. lots of fun. demos and stuff. Ask danny if you would like to help out. 


meeting adjourned no motion just done!