February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pbol February Minutes


  • patrick had a whole month to memorize the statement. lucky he had it ready in his phone. Promises to try and memorize it.



Ludo Rocko Justin Marcus Tugger Zrai Rocky Michael Tater Bob Peter Allen Patrick Mars Jim

Kenneth Eric Oscar Steve Auggie Chandler Josh Tad Thumper Miah Jeremiah Andrew Garrett Sam Jay


old business

swlc - hospitality sweet

thank you to michael for a trip to costco

mars says we might have been the biggest group

patrick recommends classes

patrick talked about pup and rope classes he took.

rocko and tugger taught a class on anal fisting *really fun*

edicate class taught by tugger.

marcus said if you're interested in protocol and how it works go to watch.

our colors are put on the quilt officially.


Mr. Phoenix Leather - thank you to the boys for their help and being a part of it.

Shout out to steve michael and jim for the doors. bob rocko tally masters

tugger eric tater as judges. Allen helped with lunch and the den boy.

if you're ever in patrick's situation you hang your vest with the colors sticking out. learn from patrick's story.


Allen has traveling colors so if you're going to a contest let allen know with some notice. any member can present pbol colors.


Discussion night

josh is the official pbol twerker. we did electrical play and education.

Thank you kenneth and marcus for opening their home.


Gear / light demo Night

josh bday. light electric play. marcus had fun with the violet wand. patrick got flogged by bob, first timed flogged hooray! beautiful scene by justin and eric. thanks josh and jeremiah for helping. Josh got paddled for his bday yay!


Wedding of Marcus and Kenneth

Officially! thanks for all who showed up. Thank you for drinking all the liqour there was alot.


a-pah night: tads first time. lots of fun.


game day: shaggys house for his bday. It was lots of fun.


jackson bday dinner: at whataburger happened.


Dinner celebrating tad 5 years sober yay!


new buisness

Dallas boys group starting. Bob suggested if they need any advice to ask us. Extend the invite to 4 corners run.


discussion topics

anyone member or non member can suggest topic

sadism as a boy

body mods - peter suggested

experience pleasure from pain - last month suggestion

protocol - patrick suggestion

fetishes - marcus suggestion


body image


cupping 9

body image - 14

protocol - 22

fetish - 13


protocol WINS

topic discussion lead by rocky & Kenneth

18th feb. 7pm hob nobs.


Theme gear night - march so time for advertising

food play marcus idea - Rocko voted against it

BOOTS! rocko's idea. - YAY!!! - last sat of that month. Marcus/Eric to head it.


southwest leather daddy / boy /  bootblack contest

if you would like to run talk to rocko. also looking for people to help out. also talk to rocko. kink in the desert bondage request. pug to be a judge.3rd thru 6th march.


pride float meeting

trailer thanks to michael 1 bad tire but rocky is on it.

8pm 7th of feb at master john's house. we need help to decorate the float. brainstorm ideas for funds for the trailer. United Leather Community (all groups united) cage/cross castle for float.


Black & Blue Ball. demos - you get in for free if you wanna do a demo. talk to eric. 8th april.


Renaissance festival - 12th or 13th pbol to go have FUN! Eric to plan.


Japanese cultural festival: Talk to Patrick or Eric if you would like to Join. They will be fabulous and wearing kimonos.



patrick nominates steve for membership.

tater nominates garrett.


steve is a member!!

garret is a member!!


Welcome to Phoenix Boys of Leather!


meeting adjourned