January 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, January 7, 2016

PboL Business Meeting – January 2016


Marcus, Patrick, Josh, Alan, Stephen, Louis, Michael, Rocko, Bob, Ahmad, Justin, Rocky, Jeremiah, Peter, Michael, Tad, Ali, Kenny, Eagle


Marcus recited the Mission.

Michael nominated Rocky. Discussion. Voted in.


Voting commenced for 2016 officers.

President – Patrick

Vice President – Michael

Treasurer – Justin

Secretary – Louis

Congratulations New Officers!!!!!!!!


Alan brought up the idea of voting in February. Discussion will take place at a later time.


Review of the events Mr Phoenix Leather 2016.

Old Santa – Raised the most ever again! It was a ton of fun. Donations go to Joshua Tree Pet Program. Great work, everyone!

Gear Night – Mellow night. No latex.

New Year’s Eve Party. – Where the hell was Michael May?


New Business

Discussion Night – sadism as a boy (10), electro (11), cupping (6), body image (8), pleasure in pain (1)bdsm vs abuse (5)….ELECTRO wins. Thursday, 1/21/16 at Marcus’ house. Meet at Hob Nobs at 7 and then proceed to Marcus’

Gear Night – Sat, 1/30/16 – Patrick is getting flogged!!!!

SW Leather Conference – Weekend of the 15th of January. We are doing the Hospitality Suite from 10 to Noon on Saturday the 16th

Pride Float – Theme is Unity. All participants’ website addresses will be on a card that will be passed out along the parade route.