December 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holy crap, there are a lot of people here. Total of 27 people.

Marcus reads the Mission. Still not memorized.

Old Business

  1. Wax-a-Bear: $3411 raised. Goal was $3,000 dollars so we ROCKED!!!! This was easily the most we’ve ever raised. We also brought in 125 cans of food! Once again, most of the money was raised at the door. Bears brought in $567. HUGE thanks to all the businesses and organizations that donated prizes, Lady Christian, who rocked the house, and Sir Eric for organizing the event and Rocko, Michael, and Patrick for assisting.
  2. Motion by Bob to split the proceeds 50/50 to Joshua Tree and Logan’s Playground. Approved by the members.
  3. Logan’s Playground event coming up on the 15th. We will present their portion at that event. 7PM, 12/15/15, Bunkhouse. Wearing colors is encouraged for that night.
  4. Joshua Tree holiday luncheon, 12/16/15, 11AM. Contact Michael Specker at 480-271-5530 for more information.
  5. First Float Meeting for Pride – Working on funding and trailers. Reviewing insurance requirements with Pride committee. Next meeting TBD. Theme TBD. Contact Michael or Eagle for more info or to get involved.
  6. Nasty Santa – 12/12/15 at Anvil. LOTS of fun. Dress elf-like. Selling Jello shots. Not a lot of organizing to do but contact Alan if you want to help. Proceeds donated to Joshua Tree Pet Assistance program. We will also be collecting pet products. Share the Facebook event. Let people know. Come out and have fun!
  7. Gear Night – Was a lot of fun. Celebrated Bob’s bday. Couple of impromptu demos.
  8. Discussion – Chastity. Gazillion people showed up. Poor Dave.

New Business

  1. Zachary Guzman – Bodacious Beard contest. 12/5/15 at NuTowne.
  2. Mr Anvil Contest – 12/5/15 at Anvil
  3. Gear Night – 12/26/15.
  4. Imperial Court – 12/12/15 Winter Wonderland, 12/19/15 Festivus NuTowne 9PM
  5. Discussion Night – Postponed for December. Will pick back up in January. Think about new topics, everyone!
  6. New Year’s Eve Party at Kenneth and Marcus place. See Kenneth and Marcus for info.
  7. Mr Phoenix Leather Contest – 1/7-10/16. Looking for volunteers for lots of stuff. Contact Tugger roast Thur night. Bus tour Fri night. Contest Sat night. Brunch and victory party Sunday. If interested in running contest application is online.
  8. Membership nomination – Michael nominated Rocky. Tater nominated Garrett. Nominations not at this point but the group hopes both Rocky and Garrett will continue to come out and explore their boy spirit with the group.

Officer nominations

  • Treasurer – Justin, Michael
  • Secretary – Peter, Patrick, Tater, Louie
  • Vice President – Michael, Marcus, Jackson
  • President - Patrick