November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rocko, Marcus, Jackson, Michael may, Jefferson, Justin, Jim, Tater, Rocky, Garrett, Eric, Kirk, Patrick, Bob, Steve, Alan, Jeremiah, Brett, David, Oscar, Eagle

Meeting starts at 7:22pm
Marcus read our mission statement and still can’t remember it from heart.

Eric has collected donations from: Off Chute, Bliss/Rebar, Stray Cat Theatre, Phoenix

Theatre, Ra salon, Doggy Daze, Corduroy (restaurant), Tan United

Still to collect :Anvil, Rainbow Cactus and donation from Mark, Nearly Naked theatre, The Imperial Court of Arizona, and Robert Schenberg

Still to ask: The Rock, Bunkhouse, Stacy’s, Cruising 7th, Charlie’s

Our waxer is now Larry Right, Our Waxies
Tomm Mitchell
Joe Gesullo

Steve Marino Garrett Snook

We have thank you cards for donors and signed them at the meeting
New Times ads will run as well as Echo, we haven’t heard from Ion
We will put up a short blurb and picture of the Waxies next week on facebook page and website

Posters still not printed yet, hope to get them up this weekend

The Silent auction items are: 3 pieces of art from Eric, 2 tickets for IML to be given separately (one raffled one auctioned)

Will possibly get 2 ILSB tickets

We will be going to Building a Bears on Saturday at noon at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall please respond on website to tell everyone you are going so we can wait for you.

if you can’t be there but want to donate give money to Marcus
bring cash and/or cards (bears are about $50+ (4 people on a team per bear)

The night of Wax a Bear Duties
Door crew: Jeff, Steve, Rocko, Mars
Raffle tickets: Justin, Patrick, Tater, (Room for one more Person) Go-fers: Alan
MC: Bob and Lady Christian
Money: Marcus and Michale May

Someone with the auction items: Eric
Set-up: 8-8:30: Anyone who can be there to help
Jello shots: Jim, Rocky, Eagle, (Room for two or more people)

Please help spread the word and share all FaceBook posts

OLD Business:
We had some crazy Earthquakes; a Bunch of people went to a Haunted house it was fun and Patrick and Steve were big scaredy cats and then we had a great and awesome Pajama Party Thank you to Rocko and Dave for hosting us. The Daddies crashed the party, but we forgive them because they made delicious pizza, thanks a bunch to Kenneth, Steven Bloom, and Jeremiah!... How did so many of us stay up till 4 am? Awesome pj party over all

Discussion night power discordant relationships with Justin and Jefferson everyone enjoyed

Gear night on Halloween Patrick won second place! Rocko and Patrick’s costume were complicated and Rocky got flogged.

NEW Business:
Discussion night this month 19th of november

bastinado (alt. methods of sensation) chastity
orgasam play

Oragasm play wins with Rocko and Patrick leading the discussion at Rocko’s house
If you want to wear a chastity device a few days ahead of the discussion so you can

share your feelings and thoughts about wearing one please do. Also if you want to wear one, but don’t have access to one contact Patrick, Jackson, or Rocko

Gear night nov 28th will be a low key night since it is just after Wax a Bear Pup night with ApaH 11/20 Rocko is helping with adverts. Arf! Arf!

In Dec. we will be nominating people for office please start thinking about people to nominate and then we will vote at our January meeting.

Marcus doesn’t want to run for president again so think of someone to run who can pick up the mantel.

Nasty Santa, Alan 12/12/15 and Patrick is helping out
we will donate the money to Joshua Tree Pet Program

Eric is doing a body painting event 11/6 at the Monorchhid gallery @ 6-9pm 1st weekend in Dec Phoenix Comicon fan fest (Friday eve through to Sunday)

We will all be going to go see Monster as a group at Nearly Naked Theatre, most likely next weekend (Weekend of November 13th)

We got the patch for the leather quilt and Michael May will send out after it gets sowed on Float comity meeting 2pm at Eagle’s house next Saturday
Meeting close