October 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Attendees: Peter, Mateo, Jim, Bob, Louis, Jon, Michael, Eagle, Shannon, Tater, Marcus, Kenneth, Justin, Patrick, Thumper, Jackson, Rocko, Rocky, Augie, Garrett, Oscar, Matt


Marcus read the Mission Statement – one of these days he’ll have the damn thing memorized.



Shannon’s shoes

ILsB – It was awesome! In Dallas, where the water and AC stopped. Tater represented the boys really well. He got the golden paddle!

Gear Night/Pholsum – Jefferson got his head shaved. Raised good money for the Mr Phoenix travel fund. Other demos. It was packed. Jello shots were strong as hell.

Boy Run – In Las Vegas. It was really fun. We had a blast. We host it next year!!!!!

Leather bear/cub contest – Really fun, too. Garrett is cub again. PboL recognized with service award.

The Living Leather Quilt – discussion on donating our patch to the quilt. Rocko moved we donate it and purchase the square piece. Eagled seconded. Vote. Yay. Michael May will contact the people and make payment.

Discussion Night – Jefferson and Mars moderated on polyamory. Very participatory.



Wax-a-Bear update: Businesses are getting notified. Build a bear to be scheduled. Silent auction will be finalized. Duty list. Logans Playground and Joshua Tree to be invited. Sir Eric absent from business meeting but Is communicating with Michael and Rocko about status and needs. Building the Bears will be Saturday, 11/7/15, NOON, at Scottsdale Fashion Square. 5 bears only.

Discussion – Power dynamic relationships and how they work in real life (18), bastinado/alternative methods of delivering pain/sensations (9), chastity (10). Power dynamics on the 15th. Jefferson and Justin will be moderating.

Gear Night will be Halloween!

First meeting for the Pride Float – Eagle’s house on 10/17. 2PM (tentative). Contact Eagle for the address.

Monster! At Nearly Naked Theater – retelling of Frankenstein. Kenneth is directing it!

Haunted House! – 13th Floor   http://13thflooraz.com/index.html   7PM, 10/17/15. Price is $28.99.

Nasty Santa – Discussion on who to donate to. Date and time to be determined as soon as we hear.

Nomination of Justin Dero for boy membership – Voted in! Congratulations, Justin!