July 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, July 2, 2015

Attendees – Oscar, Bob, Brien, Tater, Eagle, Marcus, Jim, Peter, Michael, Jon, Kenneth, Rocko, Patrick, Paul, Justin, Kirk, Alan, Jackson


Marcus read the Mission Statement – he still doesn’t have it memorized. I guess that’s why he never acts in plays.

PboL just celebrated its 13th anniversary. There was brownie.

Old Business

Pool parties ongoing. Bring drinks. Bring ice. Bring food.

SoCal leather gathering. Kenneth, Marcus, and Rocko said it was a lot of fun.

Sir’s Choice fundraiser.

Gear Night

Discussion Night – Fisting “How does it all fit in there?”

T-shirt discussion – Michael May confirming orders before ordering. Ordering 20 shirts = $23.40, 30 shirts = $19.94. T-shirts are only available for current members. Payment to Michael May by the August business meeting (8/6/15). If cost is an issue OR if you want to sponsor someone please talk with one of the board members.

Camping – August 28 – 30, Schnebly Hill Road, just south of Flagstaff in the cool, cool, pines.

4 Corner boy Run – Sept 18-20 in Las Vegas (NOTE THE NEW WEEKEND). There is an app called “line”. It’s green. If you need a place to stay contact Scott Bullock on Facebook or through the “line” app. Tater is working on a rental van. More news at 11.


New Business

Discussion Night, 7/16  – Rope bondage, the ins and outs, safety, hands on including how to tie. Meet at Hob Nobs and then go to Rocko’s for the demo. Daddy Kenneth will moderate and demo.

Gear Night, 7/25 – Demo night! Longer term bondage. We have cages, poles, ropes, chains, straightjackets. Rocko is heading this up. Eagle and Kirk will assist. Spread the word!!! We will need people to be the subject. We will need people to be “spotters”. We will need people to put people into bondage.

Website suggestion – For anyone up for it, putting a picture of yourself with you name. Marcus will do what needs to be done with the site and then will send out a message on how to update your info with a pic.

AML – Summer prison party, 7/11, and the Anvil. Benefits swleatherSir/boy travel fund.

4th of July – Imperial Court at Cobalt. BBQ. Pool party and swim suit contest. A good time will be had by all.