June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, June 4, 2015

Attendees: Oscar, Bob, Alan, Damien, Devin, Jim, Peter, Marcus, Jeff, Nicholas, Eagle, Rocko, 

Tugger, Eric, Patrick, Tater, Marrs, Wayne, Brett

Marcus still does not have the PboL Mission Statement memorized.

Marcus interrupted by a coffee cup failure that attempted to burn Tugger and Alan and stain 

Rocko’s vest.

Introductions all around.


IML – A bunch of the boys went. Tugger competed and placed 5th. Congratulations, Tugger!!! 

International Mr BootBlack winner was PboL member Bamm Bamm!! That’s a lotta stuff for 

Phoenix. There was a watersports party attended by a few members. There was a lady on the 

train with a knife and Marcus chased the rabbit. A good time was had by all.

50 Shades of Kink, Welcome back from IML, and Gear Night: Saturday, 5/30 – Very busy fund 

raiser for travel fund ILSB. Tater raised a lot of money.

Discussion Night – CBT demo. Lots of painful fun was had by many. Rocko electrified several 

people. Peter Icy Hotted a few people. Zrai let things hang from a few people. Several people 

got smashed.

Bus Tour – Those who went had fun.

Pool parties started up.

PboL T-Shirts – It was decided to go through Custom Ink. T-shirts are $20 each if we order at 

least 30. The PboL logo will be on the front and the logo and our name will be on the back. If 

you want a shirt, check the post on the PboL website and respond to the post or talk directly to 

Michael May, our treasurer, or Marcus or Rocko.

Patches – Two left for members. If you are a member and wanting a patch talk with Michael 

May. Cost is $45.


Gear Night – June 27. SW Leather Sir (Joe Rodriquez) is doing demos that night. Looks like there 

is an itinerary already so wear your gear and help make it a great GEAR and DEMO night!!

Discussion Night, June 18th – Ideas: Body dysmorphia. It was decided that this was a topic we 

want to have and that to have it effectively we need a professional with specific experience in 

this area. If you know a professional with experience/specialty in this area please contact Peter, 

Rocko, or Marcus. Other ideas: Fisting, Rope bondage, Limit discussion. Vote: Fisting (12), Rope 

bondage (15), Limits (11) – Rope bondage it is!

Four Corner Boy Run – Moved from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. September 11-13. Event created 

on Facebook. Search Facebook for “4 Corners Region of Boy Clubs” and join. The boy run is 

designed to build relationships and camaraderie among the boy groups in the Intermountain 


A discussion on other groups piggy backing on PboL Gear Night. Frustrations were expressed 

and understanding was expressed and the basic idea was to open communication with other 

groups and the management of Anvil so we all work together to support each other and 

support Anvil.

50 Shades of Kink – Friday night, 6/5, at Bunkhouse. Drag performance, Demos, and underwear 

auction. Spankings.

Beach Party at Bunkhouse on Saturday, 6/6, hosted by Garrett Snook.

Camping – We will be camping August 28-30. Camping is on Schnebly Hill Rd, located approx. 20 

miles south of Flagstaff. The road is a dirt road that goes from I-17 to Sedona. It is around 7000’ 

altitude and is in the pines. It’s always a LOT of fun. And it can be cheap.

A-paH Pup Night – Friday, 6/19, at Anvil.

Angels in America - A really long play at Nearly Naked Theater. Ask Kenneth or Marcus for more