May 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, May 7, 2015

In attendance: Bob, David, Kenneth, Cherielle, Kenneth, Jefferson, Patrick, Louis, Jim, Peter, Rocko, Wayne, Justin, Devon, Damien, Tater, Mars, Marcus, Jeff, Paul, Oscar, Michael, Alan, Joe, Michael, Eagle


Marcus read the Mission Statement (You’d think he’d have this memorized by now, wouldn’t you?)

Old Business

Black and Blue Ball – Demos went on, Jefferson was a little drunk by the time Alan did his demo. This was a fundraiser for Joshua Tree and IML Mr Phx Leather travel fund.

Pool Party started again. Lots of friends and food.

Discussion Night – CBT cancelled due to scheduling problems. Discussed head space. Sir Eric led the discussion and it turned very personal

Gear Night – Was the night we all did Tabitha’s boots. Tabitha is new Ms International Boot Black. Everyone was invited to black or add energy to gifted boots as a way of showing our love for her.

WEDDINGS! – Congratulations to Stephen and Alan! Congratulations to Dave and Rocko!

Pride Parade – United Phoenix Area Leather Community. It was good to see all the groups come together

Woof Camp in SF – lots of local pups went

Patches – 2 patches left. $45 each. For members only. Contact Michael May for purchase.

Pins – We’re not really sure, Peter.


New Business

Discussion Night – Normal night would have been 5/21 but because so many will be at IML that night it was decided to move the night to 5/28. This will be a Demo Discussion Night focusing on Cock and Ball Torture (CBT). We will meet at Hob Nobs and go to Jim’s place.

Gear Night – May 30th. Weirdly, the last Saturday of the month is usually during IML but this year IML is the weekend before so we’ll all be here for Gear Night. Woo Hoo! Discussion about a demo night for the June Gear Night.

Pool Party – Discussion on whether pool party will continue. It will. At Rockos. This is primarily a Members gathering. Please talk to Rocko if you want to bring a guest. We want to make sure that whoever shows understands and that the pool party doesn’t get out of hand regarding number of people who show.

Tater – 50 shades of kink pts 1 (5/30 at Anvil) and 2 (6/5 at Bunkhouse). Travel fundraiser for southwest leather group. There will be raffles, jello shots. Tater needs help with anything and everything. Please contact Tater. Though this is not an official boy event we would like to encourage as many as can to volunteer to help make these events successful.

Joe – Tribute to Sirs Past, Present, and Future. Saturday, June 27th. Fundraiser for southwest leather travel fund. Contact Joe on Facebook. Look for Joe E Rodriquez on Facebook. His Sir is with him on the pic.

Cherielle – Hanky Panky, August 8th at Bunkhouse. Fundraiser for southwest leather travel fund. We will have a discussion regarding how much we can help as a group with this fundraiser either in June or July.

You can also talk with Rocko about volunteering for the 3 fundraisers above.

Send off Bus Tour for Mr Phx Leather – Saturday, 5/16. Starts at 8PM at Anvil and goes round and round and round. Tickets can be bought at Once purchased tickets will be picked up at the Anvil prior to the start of the tour.

Boys on film – Avengers: Age of Ulterior Motives. Saturday, 5/9. Meet at 1PM Arizona Ctr courtyard for food with movie at AMC 24 afterwards.

Mars – Needs help moving, Sat, 5/16. HELP! Moving from Camelback and 17th ave to Thomas and 12 st. HELP!

Nomination for New Member – Rocko introduced member nomination for Mars. Nomination approved! Yay!

PboL t-shirts – Michael May will research costs

Four Corners boy Run – August 14-16 in Salt Lake City. Four corners boy run on Facebook.

boys in the Woods – Camping tentatively scheduled for weekend after Labor Day on Schnebly Hill Rd.