April 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Phoenix boys of Leather - April Minutes

April 2, 2015 

Members Present:  Marcus, boy Jeff, Alan, boy Tater, Kaje (boy Kirk), Damien, Devon, Michael May, boy Rocko, Balloonboy Brett, and Jim 

Visitors:  Tim, Sir Bill, Kirk, Auggie, Patrick, Will, Sir Chris, Robert, Justin, Mars

Everyone introduced themselves, Marcus read the PboL Mission Statement

OLD NEWS - What happened in March??

March 6-8 - Southwest Leather Sir, boy, and Community Bootblack.  PboL’s very own boy Tater won SW Leather boy (we are so proud, he did an amazing job), Joe Rodriguez won Leather Sir, and Cherielle Rice won Community Bootblack - they will be going to Dallas to represent the region at the International Leather Sir, boy, and Community Bootblack contest in September. Rocko thanked all of the boys who participated and really helped pull off the contest. The flags were carried by the boys (Mars, Marcus, Jefferson, Michael May, and boy Mateo), Alan was Denboy, Marcus and Mateo were Judge’s boys - it was a really good weekend and the boys came out in full force.

March 14 - The AML Chili Cook-off was at Nu Towne and we had several boys enter (including a throw-down death match between Marcus and Michael May). The chili was delicious!

March 15 - Renaissance Festival - well attended (14 in our group) - many people were well dressed as well.

The March 19th boy Discussion/Education Night was about the History of the boys and was led by boy Jeff (1st time - good job Jeff!), Alan, Peter, and Richie. Everyone agreed that it was a very informative! The first half was about the boy Movement in general and the second half was more about the Phoenix boys of Leather. 

March 22 - pup Tugger/Jefferson held a fundraiser for the Mr. Phoenix Leather contest called All Tea/All Shade at The Rock. 

March 28 - Gear Night - Lots of gear and leather, but ended earlier than usual (midnight). We were able to show our support for slave Tabitha, one of the Friends of the boys as she heads to International Ms. Leather and Ms. Bootblack.  

April 5th, Alan and Steven’s wedding happened and was attended by many boys (and Skyped by a few, as well). MANY CONGRATULATIONS to Alan and Steven!!!

NEW BUSINESS - What will we do in April??

April 5th - Alan and Steven’s Wedding at Indian School Park - CONGRATULATIONS!!!  woot woot!  Everyone is welcome!

April 4-6 - Woof Camp in San Francisco will be attended by several boys, meeting up with pug, boy Bamm Bamm, and Ryan (YAY!)

April 11-12 - Phoenix Pride! The run and the festival will be on Saturday, April 11 at Indian School Park and the parade will be on Sunday. Please come out and support Scott Greenberg as he runs the marathon as part of Phoenix Frontrunners!On Sunday, the Phoenix boys of Leather will be walking with the Phoenix United Area Leather Communities alongside the Arizona Men of Leather (AML), AZ pups and Handlers (A-paH), Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs (ALBAC), Arizona Women of Leather, SWLS,Lb,CBB, Mr. Phoenix Leather, and AZ Daddybear and Cub. Meet-up will be at 9:30am around 3rd St and Jefferson Ave. Wear leather and comfortable shoes. EroticWorld bids demos at Pride are being put together by Sir Chris and will include a pup mosh, flogging, single tail. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Sir Chris or pup Zrai for the pup mosh. 

April 16 - boy Discussion/Education Night - we will meet at Hob Nobs at 7 and head over to Jim’s house. The topic will be CBT and led by Devon, boy Tater, and pup Zrai.

Suggestions: Bondage, Headspace (10 votes), Limits, Gender Fluidity, CBT (12 votes), Spirituality (8 votes), Fisting (4 votes).

April 18 - boy Rocko and Dave’s wedding will be on April 18th at Trinity Episcopal Church. 

April 24 - Black and Blue Ball - Fundraiser/Dance Party with DJ Mike Mixxers, will benefit Joshua Tree and Mr. Phoenix Leather Travel Fund. There will be demos as well as a Carnival/American Horror Story Theme. Entry is $20 and it will be held at Club Palazzo in downtown Phoenix. 

April 25 - PboL Gear Night - come out in Gear to Anvil!  

Michael May nominated Jim O’Donnell for Full Membership. Everyone was adjourned while the membership voted and Jim was voted in as a Full Member. CONGRATULATIONS JIM!!! Jim was pinned and welcomed. 

Michael May made a motion to spend $135 in order to have3 new patches made. boy Jeff seconded the motion, and it passed. 

Sir Eric made an announcement regarding the Stray Cat Theatre and the TomCat Project. For more information, please visit www.straycattheatre.org - The Tomkat Project is a two-act play that transcends the tabloids to discover the truth behind the marriage of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and The Church of Scientology. Oh, and it's a comedy. 

Marcus adjourned the meeting. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by boy Rocko.