March 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, March 5, 2015

In attendance: Eagle, Patrick, Michael, Devon, Damien, Max, Jeff, Bob, Miah, Justin, Brien, Peter, Marcus, Rocko, Jefferson, Mateo, Scott, Alan, Zrai, Will, Kirk, DJ


Old Business

Intros and mission statement

Motion to change one phrase in the mission statement from “over the age of 18” to “18 and over”. Passed almost unanimously with Jefferson voting against because “I just didn’t want it to be unanimous”.

Gear Night, 2/28 – Demos successful. Well attended. Demos – Fire (Stephen Bloom), Hot Wax (Alan), Liquid Latex (Jefferson, Marcus, Jeff). THNKS Stephen for the posters and Robert for printing!

Pajama and pool party, 2/21 - The Garden of Love. Many games. Love. Kenneth, Devon, and Damien brought food. Yay!

Discussion night – Being a successful boy. Very good discussion. Thanks Scott and Mars

New website – keep signing up if you haven’t. Marcus will send Yahoo message announcing new website and sign up availability. Once we have successfully exported the message history we will close down the Yahoo group. Might leave a “we are now at a new location” tyoe message.

Friend of the boys – Those we as a group have recognized outside the group who we deem a “Friend”, who have supported us and helped out, and been there for and with us. Nomination: slave Tabitha. Vote: Unanimous Yes. Nominiation #2: Pug. Vote: Unanimous Yes.

Treasury report: Treasury is in good shape. Patch money has been repaid. One in Ten money was delivered. And all is good in the world of PboL fiscal health.

Discussion of how to publicly acknowledge Friends of PboL. Wood plaque. Leather plaque. Tooth plaque.

Discussion of setting up profiles on our website and whether to make profiles public or private.

Chili cook off – NuTowne by AML, 2PM 3/14

Gear Night – 3/28

Discussion Night – 3/19 Proposal: History of the boy movement/PboL, Peter and Alan and Jeff moderating.

SW Leather Sir/boy/bootblack contest – feeds International Sir/boy/bootblack in Zimbabwe. Stuff going on all weekend. The Garden of Love will make an appearance Saturday night. Tater is running! Show up and show your support.

Ren Faire – Sunday the 15th. Bfast at Dennys Rural and the 60. Carpooling.

A-Pah – Kayaking trip 3/14. Contact Zrai for more information. Meet at the rental place place at 6AM then Kayak down the Salt.

AZ Footmen at Zrai’s place 3/15 after Ren Faire.

A-Pah – puppy night at Anvil, 3/20

Mr Phoenix Leather – The first official fundraiser. The Rock, 3/22. Tea Dance 11-5. DJ, drink specials.

Black and Blue Ball – April 24th. Fundraiser for Mr Phx Leather. Demos needed. Contact DJ, Jefferson, or Kenneth

Pride Parade, 4/12 – Kenneth setting up leather slot. Pride Run, 4/11