February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, February 5, 2015

In Attendance: Jackson, Eagle, Damien, Devon, Jim, Shannon, Eric, Jeff, Tugger, Alan, Michael, Bob, Marcus, Tater, Ron, Mars, Peter, Daddy Mark, Oscar, Mateo, Kurt, Scott, Kenneth


Marcus the President attempts to read the Mission of PboL. Eventually succeeds…marginally.


Old Business

- Shannon

- Mr Phx Leather contest. Tater and Tugger ran and both did great.  Congratulations to Jefferson Tugger for being selected 2015 Mr Phx Leather. Thank you to all the boys who volunteered and helped make the weekend a success. Tater: “I totally enjoyed myself. What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room.” Jefferson: “Have your speech prepared! And under 90 seconds!” Kenneth: “Thank you all for coming out.” Marcus didn’t pee or throw up on the bus. Jefferson will now compete at IML in Chicago in May.

- SW Leather Conference Hospitality Suite. Alan was sick. Thanks to DJ and Ron for getting food and stuff.

- Discussion night: Mummification. Thanks to Michael and Jackson for getting scissors. Damien and Tater and Jeff (in neoprene) got wrapped up.

- Gear Night. Lots of rope work. Jackson’s b-day

- Ordered and got 5 new patches. All taken already. Need more. They are getting ordered. Motion to spend the money – Approved.

- Discovered that 2013 Nasty Santa money had never been given to 1 ‘n 10. Money will be arranged for delivery by Michael May (Treasurer).


New Business

-  Overnight PJ party at Rocko’s on Sat night, 2/21. Mateo will get out more details very very very soon. Reminder to treat the neighborhoods of wherever we party or hang out with respect.

- AZ footmen meeting Sunday night, 7PM. Whatever you want to bring. “A scent of kink” party. Azfootmen.com.

- Discussion Night: 2/19. Ideas are how to lead a successful life as a boy, fire play, leather and spirituality. Votes: Life (17), fireplay (3), leather and spirituality (13). “Successful life as a boy” wins! Scott and Mars will moderate the discussion.

- Gear Night, 2/28. Demo night. Boys in Heat! Alan with wax. Tugger and Marcus with liquid latex. Tater and Mike Sanchez flogging. AML will be there to help. Marcus will update Lon. Alan will work with Stephen Bloom on poster.

- Daddy Mark: SW leather Sir, boy, and community boot black contest, 3/5-8. Bus tour/bar crawl is Friday, 3/6. leaving from Anvil and visiting Plasma, NuTowne, Oz, Bunkhouse, and then back to Anvil. Tickets still available. Contact 405-219-7075 or mark@southwestlsb.com. If you want to compete application is due by 2/27/15.

- Oscar PhD (I don’t know what this means. Guess I should have listened more closely.

- Eric: All Puppet Players “50 shades of felt”, Stray Cat Theater “Pluto”

- Discussion on streamlining communication for the group. Recommendation to archive the Yahoo Group and then retire the Yahoo Group. Recommend to retire the Member only Facebook page. Presentation of the new website.

Movement made to make the website live now. Discussion on how to maintain website, who has admin rights, what pics should or should not be public, discussion on discussion boards.


Votes: Unanimous

Meeting over