January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 2015 Meeting Minutes


Boys present: Peter, Michael May, Jefferson, Rocko, Marcus, Mateo, Tater, Damien, Jackson, Paul, Alan, Gizmo

Guests Present: Jeff, Devon, Sir Eric, Ron


Old Business

  1. Nasty Santa - we raised ~$350 for Kyle the barista at Hob Nobs.

  2. New Years Eve Party - we had a lot of boys and friends at the party. Jeff was the winner of the sexy underwear contest! Thank you all who came and thank you for keeping it safe and fun.

  3. SWLC - we will be hosting hospitality suite on Sunday, January 18th from 8AM to 10AM (show up about 10 minutes early to find the room and help set up). It does not cost to attend the hospitality suite so please come and have some fun. Gizmo agreed to use up to $40 from our treasury to purchase breakfast snacks and drinks. This is a great time to meet other people from our leather community and those who travel from around the country to attend the conference.


New Business

  1. New membership nominations - Gizmo nominated Jeff A. and Rocko nominated Devon to be members of the club. After much discussion, quarreling and weeping, it was unanimously decided to grant them membership. Congrats and welcome to the group boys!!

  2. 2015 Officer Voting - members casted their votes for the officers and the following were voted in for the 2015 calendar year. Thank you to Paul and Jefferson for a great year as officers in 2014 (from Marcus).

    • President - Marcus

    • Vice-President - Rocko

    • Secretary - Peter

    • Treasurer - Michael May

  3. Discussion Night - Moved to the 4th Thursday (January 22nd). Topics voted on were the following with a mummification demo taking the lead. We will be meet at Hob Nobs like normal to group up and then heading over to a member’s house. More details will be sent to the group as we get closer.

    • Impact demo 11

    • Waxing demo 7

    • Sounding demo 6

    • Mummification demo 15

  4. Book Exchange - in order to promote education within our group, Marcus suggested that anyone who has BDSM related books that they feel comfortable lending to other members to bring them to the meetings and education nights (a couple at a time was  a suggestion). It would be up to each book owner to keep track of who has their book. He believes that this may help some who are still new or interested in other aspects of BDSM and wish to learn more have that opportunity, especially when many of these book owners just have them sitting on a shelf not doing anything. If you have any questions about this project, please email Marcus (mohawk@a-pah.org).

  5. Patches - we voted on ordering 5 patches from Ray (he is who made our last batch of patches) at $40 each. Michael May will coordinate the purchase and acquisition of the patches. If you are one of the 5 that wanted a patch, you must pay Michael May in order to receive your patch.

  6. Mr. Phoenix Leather Contest Weekend - Occurring this weekend (January 9 - 11). Details and schedule of events are at www.mrphoenixleather.com. Two of our members (Jefferson and Tater) are contestants so please come out and support your club brothers. After the contest at Anvil, there will be an after party (from 9PM - 1AM). I suggested that anyone who is interested in doing an impromptu scene to please go ahead and plan for one. There will be lots of in and out-of-town people showing up and having PbOL out and having fun would be a great thing to show off what Phoenix has to offer. You do not need to ask ahead of time to do a scene, just show up and do it.