January 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, January 2, 2014

Present: Rocko, Peter, Tugger, Paul, ManBear pig, Marcus, Brian, Eagle, Ludo, Balloon boy, Alan, Bob, Joseph, Zrai, Michael, Jim, & Scott
Guests: Jackson, Jon Jon, Gizmo, Matt, Shawn, Lloyd, pug, Devon, Damien, Tim, Chris, & Cal

Old business:
Nasty Santa: 352 toward 1n10
Bondage demo/discussion, thank you to Kenneth and Peter (Member), hosted at Rocko and David's 30+ attended.
Zoo lights: several attended
Christmas party with AML
Gear Night and Louie's birthday
New Years: 50+ attended

New Business:
Tabitha's code night with the boys. Join her for gear night and bacon
MPL this weekend
SWLC 23-26 kicking off with the hotel hosted part on Thursday
Boys hospitality on Sunday at SWLC- Loki

Body mods, 4
Win by fetishes, Jim & Paul
January 16th

Boy business:
New Member vote: Scott unanimous vote for membership.

President: Marcus, Loki
Vice President: Loki, Louie, Tugger
Secretary: Tugger, Michael
Treasurer: Paul

President: Marcus
Vice President: Louie
Secretary: Tugger
Treasurer: Paul