December 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Present: Eagle, Joseph, Michael, Ludo, Michael M., Rocko, Peter, Mohawk, Tugger, Nikki, Bamm Bamm, Paul, Loki, ManBear Pig, Balloon Boy

Guests: , Jon, Shawn, Scott, Jackson, Gilder, Eric, Siri, Lloyd, jacksome

Old business:
Wax a bear $2500+ very involved night. Personal thank you from Rocko. Payment pending on artwork. Bears were very successful: thanks to Kenneth for posting pictures on Facebook. Great artwork brought in a lot of money.

Congrats to Logan's playground and Joshua Tree Feeding Program.

Discussion Night: multiple personas, was well attended, thank you Sir Eric and Pup Tugger


Gear night & RNB Launch:
Decently attended was a lot of fun

Game night was fun and the muggles enjoyed it

Thank you Scott for the Phoenix Frontrunners and the AIDS Walk was fastest and some of largest monies raised.

New Business:
Zoo lights at 5:45 on Friday at the zoo gate, $14 for non zoo members today! Friday 6th

SWUT Meeting for those interested in becoming a titleholder is at 7p at APEX on the 10th

Sandy Paws Christmas party, 7-9 on Friday 13th at the rock. Black Out following!

Nasty Santa:
Come have fun on 21st for $5 for a picture with Nasty Santa. Cookies and cheesecake provided by Loki. Posters are up!

APAH Pup night: 20th in anvil at 10

20th AML Christmas Party, Eagle to send details

Discussion night: 19th bondage demo, body mods, law and bdsm, Tupperware toy demo
Voted as Bondage Demo

Gear night: 28th

SWLC : lots of fun, largest Master/slave contest in the US. ALWAYS FUN AND EXCITING!
January 22-25
PbOL Hospitality: Sunday morning at 9am, more info to come

17th possible bday party for Michael M., details to come

New Member Nomination for ManBear Pig, and passed

President: Marcus, Alan (declined), Loki
Vice President: Loki, Louie, Tugger
Secretary: Tugger, Michael
Treasurer: Paul, Jim(declined)