November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013

Boys present: lots of people

Old Business

- Gear Night: "It was okay".
- Rainbows Festival/AIDS Walk: Loki and Scott were the only one to walk that we could think .
- Team Friendly Class - Louie, Rocko, Michael May, Tugger, Marcus, boy Michael, along with some others attended the class about how to start the "Friendly conversation" with people who are HIV or who may need to get tested. It was very informative and enlightening.
Part 2 will be announced soon,
A second opportunity will be in the new year.
- Discussion Night: thank you Tugger for your wonderful presentation of the different levels of leather service.
- American Leather boy: congratulations to Dorian for winning 1st runner up to the American Leather boy contest.

New Business

- Rubber Party: At Anvil Bar on 11/16/2013. Come out in your latex and have some fun. There will be some demos of different kinds going on throughout the night.
- Wax-A-Bear: the website is up (, the time and location is 11/23/2013 @9PM at the Anvil Bar. Marcus will be emailing a spreadsheet for everyone to sign up for a slot to work that night. Keep inviting people on Facebook and/or sending them to the website.
- Nasty Santa: the group voted on donating the proceeds raised during Nasty Santa to 1 n 10. I do not think there was a date yet set, so I will let Alan us on that.
- AML Toy Drive: the annual Logan's Playground Toy Drive is going on through 12/16/2013; boxes are at every gay/lesbian bar in the valley.
- Fundraiser for Tabitha: Tabitha came to the group to ask for assistance in travel fund fundraiser sometime in Jan or Feb while it is still cold. The thought was maybe a "Leather Code Night" and/or a "leather care demo". We can talk about this more at our next meeting or two.

-- Marcus (aka, pup mohawk)