October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Saturday, October 5, 2013

Old business

Boys present: Phoenix, Alan, Bob, Joe, Eagle, Tugger, Rocko, Peter, Louie, Bamm Bamm, Mohawk, Brett, Jim, Paul, and Loki.
guests: Gallad, Nixie, Robert, Kenneth, Alex, Brian, Bryan, Michael Sam, Matt

Old Business:


Congratulations Greg DeRusia on his win with Southwest Leather Daddy Bear, Master Gallad, and slave Nixie on the first annual AZ Master and slave

Boys Run 2013 - AKA salad gate. Trying new things and avoiding the sinkhole. Groups from Las Vegas, ABQ, Denver, and LA

"gender fluidity and attraction - sept 2013 discussion
Great job by all and well understood and very well led by Bamm Bamm and Peter. Over 30 in attendance.

Lambda Center Fundraiser - Sept. 9th, if you are not going on the boy run, please make an appearance and help out if you can. Thank you. $600 raised for lambda and 1 voice

September Gear Night - September 28th. Come and have fun., others attend SWLDBC

Puppies in the Mountains - A Great event put on but the Denver boys of Leather, a strong recommendation by Tugger for a great weekend, and its cheap!

SWLDB Weekend - Come out and support Robert Schernberg on his step aside and run for ABW title with Dorian.

AZ Master/slave is also that weekend, this goes on mainly during the afternoon and evening, SWLDB goes on after 9p.

New Business:

Puppies in the mountains - Denver weekend full of 3 days of food, fun, and pupping.

First Friday art walk
- hope all that didn't go to PITM had fun!

Jim now DJ'ing on Friday at Anvil, come out and support him!

Wax a bear - no progress to mention

Nasty Santa - working on confirmed bar date. More to come soon

October 19th and 20th rainbow fest, boy run is planned by Jim S. If you're interested please contact him to help out.

Team Friendly Training October 20. 1-3p at OneVoice community center. Free admission, anyone interested in helping the team is welcome. Space is limited. https://www.facebook.com/events/219198218244099

Hiking - Sunday morning information online at https://www.facebook.com/events/1384175605151841/

Apex pet meetup 18th at Hob Nobs & 19th mosh 8p- and play party Amoeba play is open, contact Nixie or Loki for details.

Discussion will be October 17th:
Disabled in BDSM
Body Modifications
Legality in relationships
Service at home***** winner
Tugger/Loki will be moderating

Party for Joseph and Peter, details coming soon.

Robert Schenberg. - new Friend to the boys, and congratulations as SWLDB 2012
SENDOFF Saturday at 10p info here : https://www.facebook.com/events/556275364450138/

Halloween - Mohawk's mother is doing a costume party, be warned she lives way out by Loki (aka East Afghanistan)

Membership nominations - Michael M. was nominated for membership by Loki and was voted in, Congratulations Michael!