September 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old business

Boys present: Phoenix, Michael, Bob, Joe, Eagle, Tugger, Rocko, Peter, Louie, brien, Bamm Bamm, Mohawk, Brett, Jim, Paul, and Loki.
Guests: Wayne, Kenneth, Eric,Brian,

ILSb, Congrats, George Saltzman, also a well job done by boy Michael. And lastly, thank you boy Bamm-Bamm for representing, the southwest, Arizona, the Phoenix boys of Leather, and boys across the country the past 1.5 years; thank you.

Camping 2013 - it was beautiful, peaceful, fun, relaxing, and wet. Overall it was a great and a very bonding time.

August 2013 Gear night - balloon bondage demo night which was really really fun. Thank you Brett for letting us use your balloons. We put multiple boys in cages and filled them up with balloons.

Discussion night - it was fire play with Joseph, Daddy Kenneth, Bob, and Sir Sean from San Antonio (who gifted a fire cupping set on behalf of his club, SAGE). Sir Sean was also pinned by the group that weekend.

Oh, and Shannon - himShannon!


Boys Run 2013 - there's a Facebook event (second annual four corners boy run), look it up and find out the info. Some are going as a group so find transportation and rooming together (the event page has a host hotel)

September 3013 Discussion Night - september 19; we voted on "gender fluidity and attraction". The other option was "body modifications".

Wax-a-Bear - tentatively November 23rd more details to come as they are made. Go to

Nasty Santa - 2nd weekend of December (potentially). More details to come as they are made.

Lambda Center Fundraiser - Sept. 9th, if you are not going on the boy run, please make an appearance and help out if you can. Thank you.

September Gear Night - September 28th. Come and have fun.

Patches to museums - It was voted to give one patch to the Carte/Johnson Museum, and one patch to the Leather Archives and Museum. It was agreed to by the majority of present members that if you can afford it to give $5 to the treasurer (Jim) so that these patches are able to get paid for and we have money to prepay for more as we need them. Thank you.

Puppies in the Mountains - A Great event put on but the Denver boys of Leather, a strong recommendation by Tugger for a great weekend, and its cheap!

SWLDB Weekend - Come out and support Robert Schernberg on his step aside and run for ABW title with Dorian.

AZ Master/slave is also that weekend, this goes on mainly during the afternoon and evening, SWLDB goes on after 9p.

Membership nominations - Paul was nominated for membership by Bamm-Bamm and was voted in, Congratulations Paul!