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These by-laws have been voted to be GUIDELINES as an intent to ensure that we are meeting and working with the community. These are not requirements but the spirit of the rules are maintained.

Article I - Name and Seal

Section 1. The Name

The organization shall be known as the “Phoenix boys of Leather.”

Section 2. The Seal

The Seal of the Phoenix boys of Leather is as follows:

Section 3. The Copyright

The copyright, trademark, and ownership of the name “Phoenix boys of Leather,” and of the seal of the Phoenix boys of Leather is the sole property of the Phoenix boys of Leather.

Article II - Mission Statement

Section 1. Mission Statement

In celebration of the essential “boy” spirit, the Phoenix Boys of Leather exists to serve, support, and enrich the Leather community. Membership is open to anyone who self-identifies as a leather boy over the age of 18, without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance. We gather in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and to serve our community with respect and integrity.

Article III - Membership

Section 1. Age

No member shall be under the age of eighteen years (18)

Section 2. Application

Any individual who self-identifies as a leatherboy may apply for membership by being sponsored by a current full member and completing a membership application. Candidates for membership must attend 5 meetings and/or events to be eligible for a vote. Each candidate will be presented to the floor for a closed vote and must receive a simple majority or higher approval by all eligible votes presented at the said meeting to be accepted.

Section 3. Privileges

Each full active member shall enjoy all privileges of full members including the right to vote, wear the PboL Colours and hold office.

Section 4. Membership Classes

A. Full Active Member

A full active member is any individual who subscribes to the aims and purposes of the club, who has successfully completed the application process and who has been accepted by a simple majority or higher approval vote of a duly called meeting. All active members are encouraged to wear the authorized insignia of the Phoenix boys of Leather prominently displayed on an outer garment at all club activities and/or when representing the club elsewhere. Active Members are permitted to wear the colors of another club. ìActiveî is defined as attending one event or meeting a quarter and/or maintaining close contact with the group.

B. Friend of the Phoenix boys of Leather

Friends are boys who wish to show their support of the purpose and aims of the Phoenix boys of Leather by being associated with the group. To become a friend a person must be presented to the group by a full member and receive a simple majority vote. Friends will be presented with a friendship pin, be listed on the official roster, and receive membership rates at PboL organized events, but will not be eligible to wear the group colors, hold office or vote.

Section 5. Removal

A member of the club may be removed from the club by a 75% or higher approval vote of all active members eligible to vote at any duly called business meeting. Removal may be appropriate when said member is non-cooperative with the aims and purposes of the club and/or is engaging in any other cause or activity that may bring the organization, its officers or members into public disrepute or disgrace.

Section 6. Annual Meeting

A duly called annual meeting shall be held in January of each year for the elections and installation of officers of the executive board of directors as well as any further business directed by the President.

Section 7. Business Meetings (Closed Sessions)

Full active members of the Club shall meet for business each and every month as called by the President with a minimum notice to members of 30 days. All official club business will take place during duly called meetings. The President reserves the right to call for an emergency or special meeting or vote of the executive board of directors or the full active membership at any time seen fit in extraordinary circumstances.

Section 8. Quorum

At any regular, special, or emergency meeting a quorum of the full active voting membership shall consist of more than 50% of the total active eligible members. More than 50% of the duly elected officers of the executive board of directors must be present at any duly called regular, special, or emergency meeting.

Section 9. In General

A membership meeting of the organization shall be conducted on an informal and relaxed basis. Common sense rules of good sportsmanship and good fellowship shall prevail. Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised Edition, shall govern in every controversial case.

Section 10. Notice of Meetings

All membership shall be informed of all duly called meetings and will be informed of the date, time, and location not later than 30 days prior by the executive board of directors. In the event of an emergency or special meeting as much notice as is feasibly possible shall be given to every full active member.

Section 11. Voting

At all business meetings of the club each full active voting member shall be given one vote. The act of a majority of the active membership at a duly said meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the general membership. Roberts Rule’s of Order, Revised Edition will resolve tie votes i.e.: the chair of such meeting may cast the tie vote, as he or she does not vote on regular issues. The chair of any duly said business meeting shall not make a motion, nor second a motion at any time. The Chair will be afforded the right to cast a vote on all membership votes. In the event of a tie vote on membership with the chair voting, the vote shall be recast until a decision has been determined by the rules of these bylaws.

Article IV - Officers, Elections, & Duties

Section 1. Officers

The executive board of directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, and Secretary. No officer may hold more than one elected office concurrently.

Section 2. Nominations

All officers of the club shall be nominated from the floor at the duly said meeting in January of each year.

Section 3. Elections

All officers of the organization shall be elected annually by the members at duly annual business meeting in January of each year.

Section 4. Eligibility

To be eligible for nomination and election to office, a member must have completed 6 months as an active member of the organization.

Section 5. How elected

At the annual January meeting the candidates for each office receiving a simple majority of all eligible voting members’ present shall be the duly elected officer for that office. The three candidates elected to these offices shall constitute the executive board of directors for the ensuing year.

Section 6. Vacancies

Vacancies in the board occurring between annual meetings shall be filled for the remaining portion of the term by a majority vote of the active membership at a specified meeting duly called for that purpose within 30 days of the vacancy’s opening.

Section 7. Term of Office

The term of office of each officer of the executive board of directors shall be one year. No member shall hold the same elected office for more than two consecutive terms.

Section 8. Removal of Officers

Any of the officers of the executive board of directors of the organization may be removed with cause, at any time by a vote of at least three-fourths majority of the eligible voting members present at a special meeting duly called for the purpose by a written notice of 30 days to each eligible voting member.

Section 9. Duties in General

The officers of the executive board of directors shall have control and general management of the affairs and business of the organization. Such officers shall in all cases act as a board, regularly convened, by a majority and they may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of the organization as they deem proper, not inconsistent with these by-laws and the laws of the State of Arizona.

Section 10. Executive Board of Directors Meetings

Regular meetings of the officers of the executive board of directors shall be held at such other times as the President determines necessary. Special meetings of the executive board of directors may be called by the President.

Section 11. Duties of Officers

The duties and powers of the officers of the organization shall be as follows:

A. President

The President or the President’s proxy shall preside at all meetings of the executive board of directors and membership meetings. The President shall present at each annual meeting of the members a report of the condition of the club’s activities and status of the organization. The President shall cause to be called regular and special meetings of the members and officers of the board of directors in accordance with these by-laws. The President shall make all contracts and agreements in the name of the organization. The President shall see that the books, reports, and statements required by the statues are properly kept, made and filed according to law. The President shall enforce these by-laws and perform all the duties incident to the position and office as well as those which are required by law. The President shall have the discretion of spending the club funds for special or emergency situations up to a determined amount which shall be determined by the full active membership. The expense must be for the common good of the club and/or the community and may be done without a vote. The President is required to inform another member of the executive board of directors of this purchase within 48 hours.

B. Vice President

During the absence or inability of the President to render and perform his duties or exercise his powers as set forth in these by-laws or in the acts under which this organization is organized, the same shall be performed and exercised by the Vice President. When so acting the Vice President shall have all the powers and be subject to all the responsibilities hereby given to or imposed upon the President. The Vice President shall maintain law and order in all meetings. The Vice President will be responsible for maintaining the membership rosters and handle new member procedures.

C. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep minutes and records of the meetings of the executive board of directors and of the membership meetings in the appropriate books, and shall be the custodian of the records and correct them when required, and shall keep the books in the manner required by law so as to show the names and addresses of the members, the time at which each person became a member, and any other records of assets of the club which may be hereinafter acquired. The Secretary shall also receive and send all correspondence (US Postal, electronic, etc.) of the business of the club as determined by the executive board of directors.

D. Chair boys

The membership shall have the ability to appoint Chair boys for special events and additional needs of the group. These positions will be for a set period as needed by the group. Active Chair boys shall be considered members of the Executive Board.

Article V - Amendments

Section 1. Amending

These by-laws may be altered, amended, repealed or added to by a 80% or higher vote of all eligible full active members at the duly called annual January meeting of said members, or at a special meeting duly called for that purpose, or by letter ballot, provided a quorum of the members and officers of the executive board of directors as provided by law, are present at such regular or special meetings. All by-laws that are proposed to be altered, amended, repealed, or added to shall first be submitted to the eligible voting members in writing 30 days prior to the annual January meeting or special meeting at which said vote on the amendment shall be taken. All by-laws that are proposed to be altered, amended, repealed, or added to shall require an 80% or higher affirmative vote of all eligible voting members voting in person or by written proxy.

Article VI - Fiscal Year

Section 1. Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year shall begin the first day of January each year and end the last day of December each year.

Article VII - General Provisions

Section 1. Not for Profit

The organization shall be without capital stock and will not operate for profit.

Article VIII - Club Colors

Section 1. Ownership

Each member will be responsible for purchasing their own colors, but the Phoenix boys of Leather are the sole owner of the colors. Upon resignation from the group the leaving member may keep the colors as part of their personal leather history. The Phoenix boys of Leather reserves the rights to recall the colors of a past member if the group determines that the colors are being mis-used or used inappropriately.