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Just a friendly reminder that tonight, Thursday, May 7, is our May Business Meeting and Social at 7pm at Hob Nobs Coffee Shop! The meeting is open to everyone, you do not have to be a member to attend. We will be voting on a newly nominated person, so members are encouraged to attend.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!! Arrroooo!!!! boy rocko

Join us at Hob Nobs Cafe on 3rd Ave and McDowell for our weekly coffee night. Come and meet other members and get to know one another.

You can see other events on our calendar at

Please check out the calendar for our events this month, including the Renaissance festival this weekend.

Hope to see you all out this Thursday night for this month's Discussion Night at Hob Nobs. Scott and Mars will be moderating a discussion on How to Live a Successful Life as a boy. This isn't a discussion on how to be a boy, but on how to live life, day to day, as a boy. Should be a great and lively discussion. Huge thanks to Scott and Mars for moderating this month.

So, come on out! There's no snow. The temps are perfect. The coffee, as always, is excellent. And the company is the best!


If you come out to the Anvil tonight for the Red Hankie Night, you can meet the members of Arizona Men of Leather (AML). 

They are happy to meet our members and are willing to join anyone who wants to do a demo at this month's Gear/Demo night on Feb. 28th. They are a group of experienced players and this is a great way for both of our groups to join forces. 

On behalf of the Phoenix boys of Leather, We'd like to extend the warmest wishes to all in the community that made this year an amazing success.

Our Home Bar Anvil, and our meeting headquarters at Hob Nob's Coffee House, you have always there to support us and enjoys our, sometimes loud, but always fun presence at these establishments. To all the staff we say Thank you.

First off, thank you all so much for your love and support this weekend. It meant the world to me. George and I are going to be a great team, and really hope to make our community very proud of us. As always, if there is every anything we can do to help with anything, we are totally there. You all know how to reach me, and you can find George on Facebook.

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