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Hi everyone we are looking to have a few (3 or 4)demos to showcase at SWLSbCBB on Friday March 4 at Bunkhouse at 9pm. If you are interested in doing a demo please respond to me here with what you want to present.

This is a great opportunity for us to have a lot of fun and provide a great service to the community.


I'm planning to go see Deadpool this Sunday, 2/21 at 4:50 at Tempe Marketplace. Who wants to join me? Might even meet up for a meal before or after the show.

Happy v-day everyone I love you all! Have a safe and happy day ^__^

FYI, I've just finished building the event reminders for events posted to this site. It will mimic the reminders that the Yahoo group was doing by creating a group post to the site a day before the event. Also, for members only, you will be getting birthday reminders of members signed onto this site now. Hope you all enjoy.

For a list of upcoming events, you can always go to our homepage of visit

Hi everyone sorry for the delay in posting the minutes. It took me a few moments to get my feet on the ground.

The meeting minutes have been posted here:

A few reminders. Thursday the 21st is our discussion night. We are doing an electro discussion. We will be meeting at Hob Nobs at 7pm then going over to Marcus and Kenneth's house.

Sorry for the delay, this was written on Friday and I forgot to send.

The meeting minutes for December 2015 have been posted to the site at

As a reminder, we will be presenting Logan's Playground their Wax-a-Bear check tomorrow night at Bunkhouse at 7PM at the same time the toy drive presents the toys donated throughout the bars; come out with your club colors, dress warm, and let's show our support.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! Eat and be happy! I am thankful for all of you, the happiness and joy you all bring!

It's that Fundraising Time of Year! We just finished another fantastic Wax-a-Bear, so that means that Photos with Nasty Santa is coming up, soon! The fundraiser is benefitting Joshua Tree Pet Assistance Program, assisting pet owners facing financial challenges as a result of HIV/AIDS, Cancer and/or other medical conditions, in keeping the promise they made to their pets to love and care for them forever.

Where: Anvil - 2424 East Thomas Rd.
Date: Saturday, December 12
Time: 10 pm

Just a reminder, we will be having our discussion night tonight, and it's all about chastity. There's already been a number of boys in some for a number of days that will be there to share their experiences.

Due to the topic, we will be meeting at Hob Nobs at 7:15 tonight and then heading to Rocko's house.

See you all there!!

For those going to the haunted house, this Saturday, there are discount FastPass tickets at Costco. They are 54.99 for two FastPass tickets, which is a decent savings considering that online, general admission tickets for Saturday are 33.40 (28.99 + 2.00 service fee + 2.41 tax) per ticket and the FastPass tickets are 44.23 (38.99 + 2.00 service fee + 3.24 tax) per ticket. The thing about the FastPass tickets (Costco Tickets and otherwise), is that you have to reserve a time, online. We reserved ours for 7pm, Saturday, per the Meeting Minutes.