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Hi everyone!

This is an update on this month's (June 2016) discussion night.

After some discussion among the group in response to the recent tragedy, we have decided to change the topic for June from body image to one about what happened in Orlando and how we can support each other and keep each other safe.

We thought that since it would be on everyone's minds anyway, we should discuss it and how to best to look out for each other as a circle of brothers.

Hello Brothers,
I am writing this to tell you all that I Love and I Miss You All.
It has been a year since I left Phoenix and moved back to California. Since Ive been back it has been a major roller coaster of Ups and Downs. More downs unfortunately though.
Anyhow I have been presented with an opportunity and will be back in Phoenix this coming month of July. I have taken it as a final sign from the Universe and 2nd chance if you will.

In response to the tragedy in Orlando, and potential threat that was thwarted in California, we will be having an emergency advisory meeting on Tuesday, June 21st at the Community Church of Hope at 6 p.m. We want to hear from the community and will be asking Phoenix Police Department on what steps they are taking and what we can do to ensure the safety of our community.

The Community Church of Hope is located at 4121 N. 7th Ave in Phoenix, but the entrance is in the back so please enter from of 6th Drive.

Patrick Kelley
Gina Read

Hi all don't forget we are still planning on having our regular coffee/social night tonight at Hob Nobs. Same boy time. Same boy channel!

Arfarf! *wagwag* that is all... oh wait... no its not...
Hello everybody!! *wags*
APEX is looking for some help in moving furniture and dungeon things into their new suite!
The new Suite is HUGE!, and they need help to carry big and little things into the new dungeon space. Its a good opportunity to see the new APEX suite, which is right next door to their current place. And a good opportunity to see and talk with APEX members.
To help, just show up at 4006 S 23rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85040 anytime tomorrow (Saturday 5/21). They will be starting at 10am though.

Anyone going to Tucson for the Mr Phoenix Leather fundraiser? I am seeing if I can carpool with someone, I work till 7 and could be ready by 8 hit me up if this Pup could get a ride. Thanks Wags !

Hi everyone, thank you all for a great post birthday meeting and birthday wishes. The May meeting minutes can be found here:

A few reminders for this month. Come out to AML's Prison Party on the 14th at Anvil. If you want to help out with event come out and find me. 

Tonight at 10pm in 3D Jon, myself, Patricko, and possibly Micheal May are going to harkins cinema at christown mall on 19th ave and Bethany Home.

We are going to see the new cap America movie. Because the lines and how packed we are meeting up at 9pm to get out tickets.

Anyone wanna come along meet us at 9pm at harkins. See u there :-)

-secretary boy pup Ludo *arf*

Phoenix boys want to send positive energies for Daddy Doug Kuhn's on his surgery tomorrow , Rocko and I went to visit him this morning with a card signed by the boys & a orchid

Hi everyone, just a quick note about the April business meeting. I will still be out of town so will not be able to attend. However I have designated Michael May to hold the meeting in my absence. I know he will do an amazing job. I miss you all. I can't wait to see you all again.

boy Patricko
-President of the most caliente boy club in the country.