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Reminder if you want to help make baskets for wax a bear come over to Rocko's at noon

Nixie and myself are going out to Charlies in an hour of anyone wants to come also

Thank you Brothers !
I have waited a very long time to be able to Join this wonderful group of People.
Many people have also done a lot to help me join especially Alpha Rocko. Thank you
Alpha Rocko and Patricko and Everyone else that helped to make my Joining Lowkey and not a "big deal". Thank you for Accepting a lot of who i am and just accepting many People for who they are.

Is anyone going to any bar events tonight? I wanted to get out of the house, I wanted to try Ceila putty's freaky friday but wanted to not go alone.

Hey brothers,

Saturday, September 10th at about 9:45am'ish I am planning to have a boy's meet-up for some amazing BBQ meat at Little Miss BBQ

So about Little Miss BBQ...

They are located at 4301 E. University Dr. in Phoenix, easiest cross streets are 44th st. And University just south of the airport.

Because it's a small BBQ shack, they have a tiny parking lot so it is highly recommended to carpool. If anyone has extra room in their cars to carpool please comment below.

If you are camping this weekend and want to participate in the group dinner on Saturday, please let me or Marcus know asap. A bunch of you have already told me yes, but I want to get an official count so Marcus and I can get the right amount of food. Cost is $5 per person.

Food will be cooked by Marcus and will be some kind of very tasty meat and veggies concoction with herbs and spices and awesome juices all wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked around the hot coals of the camp fire. If it tastes even close to how good it tasted last year it will be very tasty, indeed.

Sir Eric's presentation on Headspace will not take place Wednesday 8/17/16. One Voice announced Monday that they are closing their doors effective immediately. While a lot of work was put into finding a new place on short notice, we were not able to find a new location for this month.

The discussion will be moved to September 21st, with the location still to be decided. I will keep everyone updated as I know more.



Hey everyone!! The registration page for the Western boy Run is now up and running at - we are asking everyone (including PboL members) to register. If you have any questions, please contact Rocko or Marcus - thanks!!

In Brotherhood,

boy rocko

The Phoenix boys of leather are going to go see the Ab Fab movie. Tomorrow Friday July 22 at 7:40 pm at Harkins Camelview (7014 E Camelback Rd. Scottsdale)

We will be sitting in the second row!!!

Get your tickets early First come. First Serve.


Twenty-six years ago, my husband's nephew, Robert, died of AIDS-related complications after a couple years of enduring a living hell. Shanti volunteers helped my brother-in-law and his wife provide for some of Robert's most basic needs. Without that help, I don't see how they could have gotten through. Some problems are insurmountable if we must face them ourselves. But, by joining together, we can help each other through tough times.

I am asking for your help