Help wanted!

Hello Boys, Kinsmen, Friends, etc -

My husband and I recently renovated our storage space in the house into a sex-positive sanctuary but there are a few final touches that neither one of us have the tools or technical expertise to complete. We are in need of a handy person who can install a ceiling fan, hang shelves (level and appropriately spaced) and some art work. Previously pup Sbudz (Mark) and Jason had helped to remove the fan and hang a few items but I was hospitalized the weekend they were to come back and attempts since to schedule completion have failed.

If anyone is able to assist please let me know by sending me an e-mail directly at In exchange for your service I will cook you a homemade, from scratch (mostly) meal of your choice (just please don't pick prime rib or lobster ;) Meals generally include a salad, vegetable, starch, bread, meat entree, beverage, and dessert.