Renaissance Festival with the boys


Hi everyone! At the meeting we decided that we were going to go as a group to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday February 17. If you would like to join us for breakfast before hand we will be meeting at the Denny’s at Rural and the 60 at 8:30 am. From there the plan is to consolidate cars and drive to the Festival which opens at 10 am We can use this board to coordinate carpools and other details. If you are going but just want to meet us at the Festival let’s know here so we can look for you and plan a meeting spot and time.

Here is the website:

You can also purchase tickets at Fry’s. 

Ticket prices are: $26 at the gate; $25 online on the website; and $24 at Fry’s


Submitted by Daddy Kenneth

I will meet y'all there after my meeting in the morning. I look forward to it!

Submitted by Don P

This was a lot of fun last year so I'll try to make it again. Would love to be able to ride along with someone from breakfast to the fair and back.

Submitted by Shannon

Good Morning -

I will be driving to breakfast and will be more than happy to pick up any boy hitchhiker's along the way. I can also drive to the festival. I have space in my car for three additional people. Text me at 480-290-9740 and we can arrange pick up if you also need a ride to Denny's.

PS - What's the actual address for the festival and for the Denny's. My lacki of knowledge means my GPS needs specific information.

Submitted by Marcus (pup mohawk)

I will be meeting you at breakfast with my Alpha and bruderpup!