General Questions: Erotic (Obscene) Photo Printing

Good Evening boys and Friends -

Does anyone know where I can have black and white, art quality photos/images printed for display in a personal dungeon? I've been reading through various photo sites Terms and Conditions and so far every single one prohibits the printing of "obscene, vulgar, or otherwise illegal" photography. While the definition of obscenity and pornography is somewhat objective, local, and arguable..... the photos I want to have printed would most likely meet the standards for pornography in almost every locale in the US.

Specifically, we are looking to have photos printed of various sex acts, including penetration, to be displayed as artwork in our dungeon. We would be the copyright owners of the work, and most likely, the sole subjects. We will want the images to most likely be black and white, printed on anything ranging from art canvass, photo quality paper with frame, metallic prints, etc. We are not limited in imagination; only that the final works add to the aesthetic value of the sex-positive space we are attempting to create.

We are limited only by value and not price, though we do hope for reasonableness in cost. If you have suggestions or know of anyone that I can contact, please let me know. I already have one professional erotic creation on order from an art institute; however, a few other small pieces, especially of the more personal nature would be exciting to add.

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