Seasons Beatings! - Gear Night Demos - a call for particpants

Hi all,

Gear Night this month is Saturday, 12/30. We are doing demos with the theme "Seasons Beatings"

I have a few demo participants already signed up but would LOVE to have more of both receivers and givers. If you've never done either this is a great opportunity to get some experience/training. Our givers already committed are pretty damn good at talking about their skills and giving/offering tips. Hell, they might even let you try your hand.

Of course, receivers are always welcome.

My idea is to have demos happen at random throughout the bar. There won't be a set schedule. I'm coordinating the whole thing so please let me know if you're interested either by replying here, to me directly on Facebook, or in person.

Also, if you want to help me coordinate, I'd love that. I am a receiver for one of the demos. I'm receiving my stripes (a caning) from pup Rocko and Sir Austin. I could use someone to help while I'm busy and recovering.




Submitted by Alan

I would be willing to help, but I don’t have any specific ideas. I love punching, but have my port on the right side, so no punching there. If anyone has ideas and wants a bottom or top, I’m willing to help.

Submitted by Spudz

I am an available recipient for some cathartic punishment, if there is still some availability ;)