Camping with the boys

Hi everyone, just wanted to open up this discussion on our camping trip this year at Schnebly Hill Road on August 18-20. This is where we can plan carpools, find someone to bunk with or even borrow some camping items you may be missing.

Look forward to camping with you all!!


Submitted by Daddy Kenneth

Here's a list of things that it's a good idea to have; if you need help getting or sharing the things on this list, simply let us know.

- A dry place to sleep (tent, rv, cabin, motel room, comfortable car seat, etc.)
- something comfortable to sleep on. Only you know what's comfortable for you.
- bedding/blankets/sleeping bags (including pillows!)
- a chair or pad to sit on (unless you're comfortable on the rough rocky ground)
- warm clothes, it gets colder than you expect up there at night.
- warm weather clothes, you can wear as little as you wish, including nothing at all. Beware of bugs, tourists, your fellow campers. While nudity is legal in the national forest, lewd behavior may be frowned upon by folks you're sharing the space with.
- a dry change of clothes. This should be wrapped in plastic and left in the car you will go home in. Almost nothing sucks more than a damp ride home.
- Food! No one but you is responsible for feeding you. People may share things they've brought, and may bring things to share (you may as well) but for the most part we're all on our own.
- Your beverages of choice (including non-alcohol options, just in case you can't drink whiskey at 10 am.)
- plates, cups, utensils.
- water. There is no drinking water nearby.
- trash bags.
- comfortable shoes. Flats or sensible heels (like boots) are going to be your best bets.
- medicine: anything you take daily or need for emergencies (epipen, insulin, inhalator, etc.)
- an emergency contact card/sheet, include your allergies, religious practices if they require special consideration, a phone number of a person who can make decisions for you to contact if something happens, known conditions, and health insurance information. This can be kept locked in your car or somewhere else private as long as someone in camp knows where it is.
- a flash light.
- bathroom tissue, we will set up a place for you to sit, (think rim chair in the wilderness) but cleaning supplies are crowd-sourced.
- something to do when your batteries go dead. There will be hikes and adventures, but if you're a sit and enjoy kinda person, having an analogue hobby to indulge in isn't a bad idea.

Mohawk and I will be bringing a stove, gas and pots and pans which people are welcome to share when he's not using it.

We also have a large sun/rain shade and will have some tables. We'll bring the bocce balls, and some card games too.

Optional: BDSM tools, toys, and gear. Because, who knows?

If you think I've forgotten anything feel free to let everyone know!

Submitted by aedan

I also have a pop-up shelter, lots of tarps, couple extra sleeping bags, an extra tent (maybe two), more chairs than a reasonable person should need, and a couple sleeping if anyone wants to borrow stuff, let me know

Submitted by Bob

I have several folding chairs, the kind you see people using at parades, etc. I am not goi g camping, however if a club brother needs them, and is willing to be responsible for them, they're available

Submitted by Brien

I'm not convinced my car will make it, so I'm looking for a ride up. I'm open for either Thursday or Friday. I'll buy you a some beer!

Submitted by Brien

I don't think my car would make it. I'm looking for a carpool for myself and PJ. We'll pay for gas and I'll buy you some beer! Thursday or Friday is fine.

Submitted by Daddy Kenneth

Getting my gear together, we have a couple chairs, a single person tent (maybe? not sure if all the parts are there you'll want to check it out in advance) a sleeping bag, and an air mattress that people could borrow. Let me know if you need any of this stuff.

Submitted by Marcus (pup mohawk)

Okay. This post is about exactly where the campground is as well as dinner plans for Saturday night.

To get to the grounds, take I-17 North to exit Schnebly Hill Round (exit number 320 about 20 miles south of flagstaff). You'll go west and the first little split in the road (Forrest service road 226) you will take a left. Continue down the main road, you will pass a small lake bed and go up a rocky hill. After that hill is a straight road, we will be somewhere on that straight part. Look for the boy flag!

As for Saturday night dinner, we were planning on doing a packaged (in foil) meal that will consist of beef, and assorted veggies. It will cost $5 a person. Michael May and myself will get the food for this.

What we do need is a headcount of who wants a meal that night. Please respond to this post with how many you want.

Thanks and see you all there.

Submitted by pup rocko

Please include 2 meals for me and David! Thank you guys for doing this again :c). Arf!

Submitted by Jackson/Ark

I'll chip in for a meal as well! Please and thank you

Submitted by Brien

Please include 2 for me and PJ

Submitted by Patricko

Please include 1 for me!!

Submitted by aedan

Thanks for the directions! Please include a meal for Eric and myself as well. Appreciate you being awesome and cooking for everyone!

Submitted by aedan

Also, I'm happy to chip in $20 for the food, if anyone can't afford it, or just consider the extra a tip and a thank you :)

Submitted by Ekim

Jeremiah myself and steve will be there for the dinner, you can count us 3 in and I'm happy to help cook dinner as well.

Submitted by Alan

Stephen, Norm David and I are in for dinner, please.

Submitted by Mars

Gus and I are in for dinner.