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Hello Boys, Kinsmen, Friends, etc -

My husband and I recently renovated our storage space in the house into a sex-positive sanctuary but there are a few final touches that neither one of us have the tools or technical expertise to complete. We are in need of a handy person who can install a ceiling fan, hang shelves (level and appropriately spaced) and some art work. Previously pup Sbudz (Mark) and Jason had helped to remove the fan and hang a few items but I was hospitalized the weekend they were to come back and attempts since to schedule completion have failed.

As Miss Imperial Court 2018 I would like to personally invite you to this years...

Forbidden Fantasies Vol.2
“Release The Inner You”

Last year we tested the waters with “An Evening of Passion & Play” and this year its time to heat things up a bit, LITERALLY!! Forbidden Fantasies Vol. 2 is about really getting into those kinks and fetishes that put a person in a happy place, hence this years theme, “Release The Inner You”.

Hey Guys! Just a quick note to say thanks to those who braved the Bunkhouse on a Thursday night to come and support my travel fund. I really appreciate your support. You all are awesome!!!

Arf! Travis Owen aka: Pup Orion Sirius. I’ve always been a kid at heart with interests in Physical Sciences like Astronomy and Geology. I’ve completed an Associate degree in Computer Information Technology and Networking. I am an avid gamer, card, board, video, and RPG. I love going to things like the Renaissance Festival, I have a passing interest in the SCA and Steampunk. I think I have the heart of a boy, and look forward to getting to know the rest of the group more.


Hi everyone! At the meeting we decided that we were going to go as a group to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday February 17. If you would like to join us for breakfast before hand we will be meeting at the Denny’s at Rural and the 60 at 8:30 am. From there the plan is to consolidate cars and drive to the Festival which opens at 10 am We can use this board to coordinate carpools and other details. If you are going but just want to meet us at the Festival let’s know here so we can look for you and plan a meeting spot and time.

Hey Guys, So I'm Here!!! Visiting Phoenix til Tuesday morning. My mentor Goddess Sadie Hawkins has graciously offered to host an all inclusive FREE play party this Saturday the 20th from 8pm- 2/3 am celebrating my visit at her dungeon Secret Shangri La located off 39th ave and Camelback.

If interested in attending let me know and check out the party info and rules in the link below.

Hey boys!

I'm looking for someone who might be able to house sit for the weekend, either staying at the house or stopping by a couple times a day. Hit me up if you're able this weekend and I can provide you details.


Good Evening boys and Friends -

Does anyone know where I can have black and white, art quality photos/images printed for display in a personal dungeon? I've been reading through various photo sites Terms and Conditions and so far every single one prohibits the printing of "obscene, vulgar, or otherwise illegal" photography. While the definition of obscenity and pornography is somewhat objective, local, and arguable..... the photos I want to have printed would most likely meet the standards for pornography in almost every locale in the US.

Hi all,

Gear Night this month is Saturday, 12/30. We are doing demos with the theme "Seasons Beatings"

I have a few demo participants already signed up but would LOVE to have more of both receivers and givers. If you've never done either this is a great opportunity to get some experience/training. Our givers already committed are pretty damn good at talking about their skills and giving/offering tips. Hell, they might even let you try your hand.

Of course, receivers are always welcome.

So puppy is wondering is there anyone that is going to wax a bear that is able to give this puppy a ride I live on 45th ave and Glendale I need a ride as I’m selling jelloshots