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Hey Guys, So I'm Here!!! Visiting Phoenix til Tuesday morning. My mentor Goddess Sadie Hawkins has graciously offered to host an all inclusive FREE play party this Saturday the 20th from 8pm- 2/3 am celebrating my visit at her dungeon Secret Shangri La located off 39th ave and Camelback.

If interested in attending let me know and check out the party info and rules in the link below.

Hey boys!

I'm looking for someone who might be able to house sit for the weekend, either staying at the house or stopping by a couple times a day. Hit me up if you're able this weekend and I can provide you details.


Good Evening boys and Friends -

Does anyone know where I can have black and white, art quality photos/images printed for display in a personal dungeon? I've been reading through various photo sites Terms and Conditions and so far every single one prohibits the printing of "obscene, vulgar, or otherwise illegal" photography. While the definition of obscenity and pornography is somewhat objective, local, and arguable..... the photos I want to have printed would most likely meet the standards for pornography in almost every locale in the US.

Hi all,

Gear Night this month is Saturday, 12/30. We are doing demos with the theme "Seasons Beatings"

I have a few demo participants already signed up but would LOVE to have more of both receivers and givers. If you've never done either this is a great opportunity to get some experience/training. Our givers already committed are pretty damn good at talking about their skills and giving/offering tips. Hell, they might even let you try your hand.

Of course, receivers are always welcome.

So puppy is wondering is there anyone that is going to wax a bear that is able to give this puppy a ride I live on 45th ave and Glendale I need a ride as I’m selling jelloshots

Tom Of Finland movie tomorrow Monday at 6:30pm in Tempe- 509 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281...that's downtown Mill Ave. Who wants to go??? Maybe grab a bite to eat beforehand or after...suggestions?

Hey guys Pup Pikes wanted me to reach out to you guy to see who all was going to go to the run in Tucson 11/03 so that the can get a head count please message Sir Alan if you are going.

Hey all,

The following are links to websites and information about gender. Note that is a local organization. I hope you explore and, at the very least, think about this issue for yourself, your friends and family, and any others who may cross your path from here on.

Only if you are able to do so, please either:
- Walk/run with me as part of the Phoenix Frontrunners AIDS Walk Team:
- Sponsor my run in the AIDS Walk:

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