Education Nights

In July 2012, by the suggestion of boy BammBamm, we began monthly discussion nights as part of our educational component to our club. Anyone in attendance of our business meeting (the 1st Thursday of every month) has a voice in determining the topic of that month. Education nights are every 3rd Thursday of the month and will be held at Hob Nobs Cafe, unless specifically decided not to during the meeting due to the nature of the topic. Check our calendar of events for details on our next discussion night.

Below is a list of our past topics.

Date Topic

Moderated By






History of the boy movement/PboL

Peter and Alan and Jeff


Successful Life as a Boy Scott and Mars
01/22/2015 Mummification Peter
10/16/2014 Animal Roleplay  
09/18/2014 Potpourri Peter and Daddy Kenneth
08/21/2014 Safe Space Rocko and Sir Eric
07/17/2014 Hygiene and Douching Tugger
06/19/2014 Bootblacking BammBamm and slave Tabitha
05/15/2014 Booblacking and leather care  
04/17/2014 Negotiations Bob and Peter
03/20/2014 Body modifications  
02/20/2014 What does it mean to be a boy Rocko and Marcus
01/16/2014 Fetishes Jim and Paul
12/19/2013 Bondage demos (and participation) Peter and Daddy Kenneth
11/21/2013 Multiple personas Tugger and Sir Eric
10/17/2013 Service at home Tugger
09/19/2013 Gender fluidity and attraction Peter and BammBamm
08/15/2013 Edge play (fire) Joeseph, Kenneth, Bob and Sir Sean (San Antonio)
07/18/2013 HIV and safer play Loki
06/20/2013 Limits, negotiations, and your kink  
05/16/2013 Transitioning in roles BammBamm and Loki
04/18/2013 Headspace Rocko
03/21/2013 Intro bondage discussion  
02/21/2013 Boots/gear, what, why, and how  
12/20/2012 Title’s and the importance to the community BammBamm
11/15/2012 History of the Boys Joe and Alan
08/16/2012 Safe and Sane in Leather Rocko and Loki
07/19/2012 Protocols BammBamm